UCA shooting UPDATE

The Democrat-Gazette reports a Sunday evening shooting on the UCA campus in Conway.  Here is the link. Maybe they will get more overnight.

UPDATE: KTHV reports sirens are sounding and the campus is on lock-down as three persons ate shot in a 9:15 incident at State Hall on the University of Central Arkansas campus. It is reported that two are dead and a suspect is in custody.

If you have information or a personal experience, please post it in the comments section. It will be posted immediately. Thanks for checking in here for information.

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53 Responses to UCA shooting UPDATE

  1. The good Lynch says:

    I heard from campus sources that nine shots were fired (that’s unconfirmed)


  2. Anonymous says:

    Supposedly there was another shooting right off campus

  3. Krisserb says:

    I heard that was at FoxRun Apartments.

  4. Bearfan says:

    two dead, one in critical condition, one in custody. sad sad news.

  5. student says:

    I’m a UCA student and here’s a mass email I received from the police a few minutes ago:

    UCA Police Department
    to information

    show details 10:20 PM (48 minutes ago)

    The UCA Police Department is investigating a shooting that occurred on campus. At present there are four suspects. One suspect is in custody.


    Lieutenant Jeremy Crabb
    Commander, Support Services Division
    University of Central Arkansas Police Department


    Phone: 501.450.3111
    Fax: 501.450.5729

  6. The good Lynch says:

    Here’s the collected maybe not so wisdom.

    Campus is locked down – UCA website says – Oops!…KTHV says “Campus not locked down anymore”. Confusion on this right now. I’m betting on “Still locked down” as of 11:10 p.m.

    1 dead, say a few… Others say, 2 dead and 3 shot. (3rd critical) more confusion. Consensus is that it is 2 dead.

    ANOTHER shooting at Fox Run apt. near campus! uh…maybe not – people who live there say “all quiet here”. Confusion continues on this front as well.

    It was a drive by, some claim. (someone saw a white car, 4 suspects) 1 in custody, 3 on the loose, say UCA police.

    A body found in the alley between Snow Fine Arts and State Hall. (so how was it a drive by? if the body was in an alley and they caught one of four?) hmmm….

    That’s all the rumors so far. SOMETHING bad happened; that’s for sure.


  7. anon says:

    3 shot, at least one dead, 4 suspects one of which is in custody

  8. Greg says:

    I live at Fox Run Apartments. Fortunately, I’m not in Conway tonight. But I’ll head up tomorrow and I can post more info then.

  9. Bearfan says:

    One friend said two of the victims were Ryan and Pat. Last names not known.
    “Block” is also a name given.

  10. ryan says:

    Charves Block, confirmed dead… This confirmed by his friend.

  11. rcart says:

    Ryan Henderson is the name I’ve heard of one of the guys. This from a family friend at the Conway FD.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ryan Henderson’s facebook wall confirms he was killed.

  13. UCA Student says:

    I’m a student here. The alley between Snow Fine Arts and State Hall is visible from the street.

  14. UcaStudent says:

    I live in Arkansas Hall and outside of my room i can see into the alley way. There is a road that runs right beside it where the shooting was. The alley is taped off.

  15. LLZSPIDEY says:

    i live at fox run and there was no one shot here.

  16. UCAstudent says:

    Friends living in Fox Run confirm gunshots were heard there after the UCA shooting.

  17. rcart says:

    they said no one was injured at fox run, but there was confirmed shootings there

  18. concerned says:

    Does anyone know the name of the third victim that was treated and released from the hospital?

  19. rcart says:

    no idea. there are three names in this though: Ryan Henderson, Chavares Block, and someone named Pat.

  20. Conway Resident says:

    Does anyone know the names/profiles of the suspects? Are they rumored to be on campus or are they in a car? Does anyone know the back story about why they were successful at catching one suspect but not the other three?

    Any known motives or was this randomized?

  21. concerned says:

    I’ve heard they have one at gunpoint in University Park apartments right off campus, but I live there and have not heard anything… so, not certain on that rumor but have someone finding out for me… other than that, I have no idea about the suspects.

  22. D says:

    the third victim of the shooting is called “Red” by his friends, he was shot in the leg, but has been treated and released from the hospital.

  23. Conway Resident says:

    A twitter post by Joe Twinem (user name) says that the suspects were four men. Pending current confirmation.

  24. D says:

    Any updates on this? I’d like to hear from some of the students on campus.

  25. University Park Resident says:

    I haven’t heard anything going on at University Park at the moment.. No sirens, no gunshots, no activity.

  26. C says:

    Victims are Chavares Block, Ryan Henderson, and “Red.”

    Chavares Block and Ryan Henderson are dead.
    “Red” suffured a bullet wound to the leg.

    Shootings suspected to be gang related.

  27. Conway Resident says:


    The above is a vlog from a student.

    Second shooting at an apartment complex across the street confirmed, third shooting in Conway near UCA and apartment complex just happened, but don’t know where also confirmed.

  28. C says:

    Apparently something may have been started at the UAPB Homecoming game last night, and these shootings were an act of revenge.

  29. D says:

    A second shooting at Fox Run was not confirmed. Third shooting? Where are you getting your sources?

  30. Conway Resident says:

    Sources currently coming in through social networking sites through friends who are in said Apartment complexes.

  31. C says:

    “I heard they had started something at UAPB homecoming this weekend, and that the ppl in the white car were getting revenge for it”

    This was said by a friend of mine who is a student at UCA.
    Apparently he knows all 3 victims through various connections.
    He is currently in lockdown in Hughes.

  32. D says:

    Conway Resident, are you Luke? Who is the guy in the video on that vlog site? I would like to add him to facebook and share info..

  33. Conway Resident says:

    No, I’m not Luke. I’m not a student.

  34. C says:

    At least one of the victims is confirmed to have been in the “Bloodz.”

  35. D says:

    Are there any other UCA discussion sites? I would really like to see on-campus student thoughts.

  36. concerned says:

    on klrt comments:

    Next >
    jessifaye – 1:22 AM
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    Report User
    They did shoot at fox run, my brother had some guy trying to get into his apt, then the guy ran into the woods. He said some shots were in his parking lot!!! And he heard shots behind the apt the other night!!!!

  37. concerned says:

    other than facebook, I’m not really seeing any… there is a thread on the fearlessfriday boards… here’s the link to that one… http://www.fearlessfriday.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=86125.0

  38. D says:

    Anything new?

  39. Conway Resident says:

    Haven’t heard anything new on my end – the social networking sites seem to be dwindling down. The people I’ve spoken to at UCA either are getting poor cell phone reception OR they are as in the dark about the event as the people outside of UCA are.

    I’m not certain if the shootings were taken off campus as well or not, but from what I understand of the local news in addition to the people on my social networking sites it is a strong possibility that additional shooting happened off campus as well. It seemed confirmed at the time I posted, but then my source flipped back and forth a bit so I’m not really certain where the truth is in that.

  40. Greg Kennedy says:

    Lots of people from Fox Run saying there are no emergency vehicles around their complex. Contrast that with the police tape and (still) ongoing investigation outside State Hall – I think it’s a pretty safe bet that nothing happened outside the initial shootings.

  41. UCA Student says:

    Hey, all. Things are still pretty crazy around here. The campus is still on lockdown and no one is allowed to leave their dorms. I have several friends over at my place that aren’t able to go back to their places of residence. We’re trying to make the best of things. There are reports and rumors of other shootings/incidences taking place at Fox Run and University Park apartment complexes, but nothing yet confirmed. The names of the deceased are, indeed, Ryan Henderson and Chavares Block. If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer.

  42. UCA Student says:

    I’ve heard many things but i think its rumors gone wild. I’m at University Park where many have asked if there was shootings here. I’ve been here all night no shots heard to my knowledge and no police so obviously not. However, I know the victims through my friends living next to me who have a close relationship with all of these victims and my prayers are with them and their families.

  43. H says:

    Arkansas Tech is praying for everyone at UCA, the victim’s, and their families.

  44. Kit says:

    my heart goes out to those related to the victims in any way, and we can only hope that swift retribution can be brought to the suspects.

  45. johnbellone says:

    Let’s all hope that this situation gets solved quickly. I could not even imagine going to class the next time thinking that anyone around you could have been the person who shot all of these people.

  46. cawe says:

    no information, just read 🙂

  47. concerned says:

    From UCA website

    Marcus Vaden, Prosecuting Attorney for the 20th Judicial District of Arkansas, will join UCA Police officials at a press conference this afternoon to announce the charges he will file against four suspects believed to be involved in the Oct. 26, 2008, shooting incident at the University of Central Arkansas.

    The press conference will take place today at 3 p.m. at the Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center on the UCA campus.

    The suspects in custody are Kawin Brockman of Conway, Kelsey Perry of Morrilton, Mario Toney of Little Rock, and Brandon Wade of Lake Village.
    Memorial fund established

    First State Bank of Conway, Ark., has established an account to accept donations for the families of Chavares Block and Ryan Henderson, who lost their lives in the Oct. 26 shooting incident at the University of Central Arkansas.

    To donate to the Block-Henderson Memorial Fund, please visit any First State Bank location or call 501-328-HOME. (A list of branch locations is available here.)

    All funds received will be provided to the two families to help them through their difficult time.
    Information about UCA campus shooting

    In an effort to provide the most comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date information about the shooting incident that occurred during the evening of Sunday, Oct. 26, 2008, on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas, UCA will release as much information as possible on its homepage at http://www.uca.edu.

    UPDATE (Oct. 27, 10:30 p.m.): The UCA Police Department this evening is transferring the four suspects in Sunday’s shooting incident to the Faulkner County Detention Center, where they will be detained pending charges.

    The Faulkner County Prosecutor is expected to file charges against the suspects by 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 28.

    The suspects are:

    Kawin Brockman of Conway, Black male, DOB 9-20-89
    Kelsey Perry of Morrilton, Black male, DOB 4-14-89
    Mario Toney of Little Rock, Black male, DOB 3-24-88
    Brandon Wade of Lake Village, Black male, DOB 8-19-88

    Perry is the fourth and final suspect to turn himself in to the UCA Police Department.

    The UCAPD and the Faulkner County Prosecutor’s Office will hold a press conference after the charges are filed.

    UPDATE (Oct. 27, 4:30 p.m.): The UCA Police Department has announced that it has detained a third suspect believed to have been involved in the shooting incident.

    No arrests have been made yet, but the UCAPD is optimistic that the fourth and final suspect will be brought in soon.

    UCA police officials are working with the Faulkner County Prosecutor to formalize charges in the case.

  48. d says:

    so it was a case of mistaken identity and the intended peeps are off of campus.. anyone have an indentity on the intended peeps?

  49. Anonymous says:


  50. Anonymous says:


  51. d says:


  52. ZayTiggie says:


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