Tuesday first thing summary

Matt Jones admits drinking to a Washington County Judge and gets a week in jail for violating his probation.

Gov. Mike Beebe has named former U.S. Sen. David Pryor to the University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees.

The Attorney General says that constitutional officers and legislators cannot turn down salary increases approved by the Arkansas Legislature, weeks after Gov. Mike Beebe turned down a raise for himself that he signed into law.

Dr. Ramdeep Mann, a Pope County physician arrested last week on a federal weapons charge, had $48,000 in cash at his home and has made about 60 trips in and out of the country in a two-year period. He allegedly had 100 fully automatic weapons in his home and was licensed to possess all of them except four.

Tyson has entered a $1 billion credit agreement with JPMorgan Chase Bank.

Wal-Mart  names former Michael’s Stores CEO Brian Cornell as the new president and CEO of Sam’s Club.

House Speaker Robbie Wills says detailed lottery legislation won’t be filed until later this week.

A cut on grocery taxes could come this week and at least a slight reduction in state sales taxes on manufacturers’ utilities should follow, House Speaker Robbie Wills, D-Conway, told Northwest Arkansas visitors Monday.

The Arkansas Senate has approved legislation to provide schools throughout the state with defibrillators.

A Senate committee has advanced new restrictions for the use of personal watercraft that were advocated following the death of a teenager on Lake Hamilton.

The Arkansas Senate has voted to repeal the state’s tax on mini-warehouses and self-storage services.

Sen. Terry Smith introduced legislation today to cut fishing and hunting licenses from $10.50 to $1.50. This would produce a revenue drop that would possibly match the increased revenue from natural gas leasing rights.

Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a distraught man wielding a hatchet and knives who stormed into the Polk County jail

Matt Jones goes to jail

Stephens Media reports former Arkansas Razorback and current Jacksonville Jaguar  admits drinking to a judge.

Russellville doc faces federal hearing on weapons charges

This is going to be one rich story. Of course, Dr. Mann is obviously innocent  until proven guilty. It is alleged that he David Goins at FOX 16 is there

  • faces civil trial for allegedly over prescribing  meds
  • made 121 crossings between US and Canada since 2007
  • allege a machine gun concealed as a briefcase,  it is supposedly fired by the handle.
  • ATF anticipates additional charges
  • ATF claims unregistered weapons, defense contends antiques do not require registration.