Thursday headlines and such

A North Carolina polling company has completed its survey and things are “good but not great” for Senator Blanche Lincoln.

Governor Beebe has signed the lottery legislation into law. Look for games later this year.

Arkansas’ chief fiscal officer says $100 million from the state surplus will be needed to plug holes in the budget for the coming fiscal year and the tobacco tax will bring in $14 million less than expected.

Guns in church bill fails in committee but college scholarships for children of undocumented workers will go to the full Senate.

A Senate panel has declined to endorse a bill that would require police to collect DNA samples following certain felony arrests.

An Arkansas Senate panel has declined to endorse a bill that would expand the criminal definition of stalking.

The Senate has approved legislation that would use fines collected from drivers who don’t wear their seat belts to buy video cameras for law enforcement vehicles.

The House on Wednesday approved a bill to limit how long driver’s licenses and identification cards issued to people who are not U.S. citizens remain valid.

A bill that would make Bill Clinton’s first home in Hope a National Historic Site passed the House and needs only the president’s signature to become law.

The Southeast Arkansas Economic Development District is expecting to receive an estimated $3.05 million through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, money that will be used to help put people to work.

One year after fire destroyed a Cargill chicken plant, Booneville city officials say the community is doing “quite well” despite the loss of 800 jobs and they cite sales tax statistics to illustrate their point. Looks like the employees lived someplace else and spent their money there.

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Jay Moody issued a temporary restraining order against eight former Regions Insurance Inc. employees, preventing them for a time from distributing proprietary Regions information or property. Regions contends the either violated contracts when they went to work for Stephens Insurance.

An Arkansas man accused of plotting to kill President Barack Obama and dozens of other black people has failed to get a threat charge against him dismissed.

A man who pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct with his neighbor’s horse and dog has been placed on probation and ordered to leave Polk County.

Marcus Monk has his 2001 Mercury Marquis on e-Bay.