UPDATED: Latest Republican sex scandal ends in Tenn. Rep Stanley’s resignation.

He announced tonight that the end has come. The Memphis Commercial Appeal has the story, including a photo of the intern.

Asking the forgiveness of his constituents and his wife, and a week to the hour after news first broke of his affair with a young legislative intern, state Sen. Paul Stanley announced this evening that he is resigning from the Tennessee legislature on Aug. 10.

Stanley is a married man with children. As is the case with most high-profile Republicans, his commitment to family values stops at his own front door. This is the party that paid for a television commercial I saw tonight exploiting the faces of poor children.

Republicans say nothing of the working people who will be impoverished by an accident or a major catastrophic illness. How will parents pay ever-increasing health insurance premiums? How will we all pay for the growing army of uninsured individuals. What about the folks who buy high deductible policies and miss a premium or can’t pay the deductible? What about the people who can not pay for medicine? What about the children of those families?

Republicans have no answers, only the sneering opposition to a popularly elected President and loony accusations about birth certificates. All they care about is the well being of rich folks and the big insurers and drug companies.

UPDATE: Max and the gang over at Arkansas Times finally caught wind of this fine story and has been kind enough to add loads of detail, for which I am grateful. It looks like Stanley is a lot bigger scumbag than I had imagined. Too bad.

TPM has this solid recap.

AT contends that Stanley has previously been accused of spousal abuse and is employed by Stanford, which is accused of all sorts of financial misdeeds. Stanley has not been charged with any professional wrongdoing, but it looks like he is a real piece of work.

AND, for those who are smitten with the money and privilege associated with sucking up to right wing big money, the beat goes on.


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