Lynch, Vickery and Tonsall soft shoe on the Wednesday Wake Up on KARK TV Ch. 4


Living in an alternate universe with his other out-of-touch Republican friends, Vickery’s winner of the week is Congressman Mike Ross who brings disgrace upon himself, his party and his state by opposing a health care reform package that will spare large numbers of his folks from poverty and needless suffering. Of course, recent surveys show that those same people like not having adequate health coverage and that is a little baffling.

My winner of the week is State Rep. Allen Kerr for bearing down on double-dipping elected officials. I don’t like Kerr’s politics. You always need to be careful of Republicans. Nonetheless, scoundrels are scoundrels and they need to be run out of office before they steal another dime.

Bill’s loser is President Obama, who is having the parties involved in the arrest of a black Harvard professor in his home meet at the White House. Nixon also misspoke on a criminal case. That one was Charles Manson. This is about the experience many folks have had at the hands of arrogant local police officers. Obama is trying to bring attention to healthy discussions between different races and I give him credit for that much.

If it has been a white Republican professor and a Puerto Rican woman arresting officer, I bet we would still be hearing the shrieks and whining. But all hypotheticals are unfair.

My loser is the NFL for even allowing the possibility of convicted dog abuser Michael Vick play professional ball again. If he comes back, Matt Jones should return immediately. Of course, Vickery thinks Vick has paid his debt to society and people can change and all that illogical soft soap. I’m with the canines on this one.

UPDATE: Wanna’ watch? KARK TV Ch. 4 has posted today’s showdown online and you can watch by following this link. Enjoy!

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I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

One Response to Lynch, Vickery and Tonsall soft shoe on the Wednesday Wake Up on KARK TV Ch. 4

  1. Steven Estrada says:

    Not a fan of Mike Ross, but his caution on HellCare is no cause for calling him a disgrace. His caution, actually, is cause for relief. Considering how involved this govt run health care is going to be, wouldn’t the people be better served if their legislators went through the bill, line by line, to cut the chaff from the wheat. Considering how much of the bill is so much blather about rationing, price fixing and nothing about how to actually have the system pay for itself, I am, for the moment, proud of Ross if he stands up to the televised lies of Obama. The consequences of this bill will afflict us for generations, so why the great rush, this presidential panic?

    Obama tried this same scare mongering when he got Congress to ram through the Stimulus package. The word was unemployment would be kept under 9% since there going to be ‘shovel-ready’ jobs. Noone has seen the jobs, though we have seen unemployment go past 9%.

    So, colour us dubious when we are told all these tales of how our health care is in such shambles that we should encumber our economy with a program that will be well nigh impossible to remove once it is in place.

    Interesting to note that Obama would make a comment on something for which he admitted complete ignorance. What would Gates have said if his neighbor called, and it was robbers, pillaging his home? Do you realy care about the color of the thug when your being assualted? You call the cops. Saying the local PDs are ‘heavy handed’ is a deceitful statement, as few local LEOs are heavy handed. Perhaps they easy with the tickets, but responcible in their law enforcement.

    Being what could be considered a minority, Hispanic, and having dealt with local law enforcement in two states, I have found them respectful, helpful and courteous. I never felt dread at calling them to handle a neighborly situation. Obama’s race baiting was not the proper way to discuss anything, and all it did was open our eyes to Obama’s own inherent racism.

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