UPDATED: University of Arkansas athletic facilities could be used for 2020 Olympics, according to Tulsa study

Don’t laugh.NewsOn6.com has a comprehensive story about a feasibility study conducted by a group of local business leaders. The pattern is the Atlanta bid.The concept is utilizing Division I college facilities, and that is where the Hogs come in.

The feasibility study proposes using facilities at the University of Tulsa, OSU Tulsa, Oral Roberts University, Northeast Oklahoma A&M, Northeastern State, Rogers State, Oklahoma State, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Arkansas.

“We actually have more facilities, in some degrees, than Atlanta had when they were going forward and pitching this idea,” said Michael Jones, Tulsa Olympic Committee member.

Soccer is the Olympic cash cow.  Atlanta in ’96 outsourced soccer to Miami, Orlando, Alabama, Georgia, and Washington, DC.

Tulsa is a relatively large and modern city. Air service? Not the best. Location? Central. If Salt Lake City can host, I would have to say Tulsa is already in the running.

Next thought, how about an event at Little Rock’s Verizon Arena? Why not?

UPDATE: Many thanks to Jim Harris over at Arkansas Business’ sports blog, The Playing Field. When I came across this story last night during my evening research, this looked like a great story.

It’s a lot more relevant than some tired and mundane, completely five minutes ago, thread about War Memorial Stadium. Heck, everybody loves that grand old stadium, but times change. I would not want to call any names (especially an old hand like Rex Nelson) but the War Memorial Stadium story is a crutch.

Anybody who thinks this story has “legs” ought to talk it over with Warren Stephens. He once tried to convince former A. D. Frank Broyles, and what did he get in return? And this is darned near the richest man in Arkansas (if you exclude the Waltons),

Perhaps WMS would be a fine venue for soccer. Frankly, I don’t have a clue. Verizon arena is ready for some kind of international competition and it is not all that far from Tulsa.

Before you start your mocking, read the story from the Tulsa station and how Atlanta handled some of its events. If Fayetteville is in the running, so is Little Rock.

I leave it to your imagination and look forward to the suggestions in the “comments” section.


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