Facts about right-wing mobs

Thought I would pass this along in light of the Ross-Snyder event today.

1. These disruptions are being funded and organized by out-of-district special-interest groups and insurance companies who fear that health insurance reform could help Americans, but hurt their bottom line. A group run by the same folks who made the “Swiftboat” ads against John Kerry is compiling a list of congressional events in August to disrupt. An insurance company coalition has stationed employees in 30 states to track where local lawmakers hold town-hall meetings.

2. People are scared because they are being fed frightening lies. These crowds are being riled up by anti-reform lies being spread by industry front groups that invent smears to tarnish the President’s plan and scare voters. But as the President has repeatedly said, health insurance reform will create more health care choices for the American people, not reduce them. If you like your insurance or your doctor, you can keep them, and there is no “government takeover” in any part of any plan supported by the President or Congress.

3. Their actions are getting more extreme. Texas protesters brought signs displaying a tombstone for Rep. Lloyd Doggett and using the “SS” symbol to compare President Obama’s policies to Nazism. Maryland Rep. Frank Kratovil was hanged in effigy outside his district office. Rep. Tim Bishop of New York had to be escorted to his car by police after an angry few disrupted his town hall meeting — and more examples like this come in every day. And they have gone beyond just trying to derail the President’s health insurance reform plans, they are trying to “break” the President himself and ruin his Presidency.

4. Their goal is to disrupt and shut down legitimate conversation. Protesters have routinely shouted down representatives trying to engage in constructive dialogue with voters, and done everything they can to intimidate and silence regular people who just want more information. One attack group has even published a manual instructing protesters to “stand up and shout” and try to “rattle” lawmakers to prevent them from talking peacefully with their constituents.

5. Republican leadership is irresponsibly cheering on the thuggish crowds. Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner issued a statement applauding and promoting a video of the disruptions and looking forward to “a long, hot August for Democrats in Congress.”


About patlynch
I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

One Response to Facts about right-wing mobs

  1. Steven Estrada says:

    There are several issue to be taken with this lite little post.

    First, where are the ‘facts’ about who is pulling the strings? Where are the names? What about the sheer hypocrisy of the left whining about a little booing and questioning, when they used tactics that were more in line with Brownshirts, such as physically taking over auditoriums where conservative speakers attended? These Dems, and some republicans seem desperate to dismiss, without any proof, that these tea parties and protests are manufactured.

    Fact of the matter is that the level of outrage will grow the more dismissive congresscritters get about these protests.

    Also, how is it irresponcible for the opposition party to be cheering the People showing some of these elitist, snobbish Dems what Democracy is really about? The Dems thought they passed enough pieces of silver about, and seem genuinely surprised that peolpe might have a credible gripe against all the boondoggles currently being debated.

    These protest are all grass roots groups gatheering together, under one banner that are ALL unhappy with the mess that is getting messier still.

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