Rush Limbaugh needs our prayers

Talk radio. You can hear just about anything on talk radio these days, except me. I have been very naughty. The exalted ruler of Republicans, and occasional substance abuser, has reportedly had a few uncharitable things to say about Democrats.

Coming from a guy who has frequently ridiculed less fortunate people and even mocked the concept of compassion, I don’t give a bleeping damn what he has to say. Alas, there are those who listen to such materialistic blather, and some outrageous things should be addressed.

Statement on Rush Limbaugh’s Outrageous Comparison of Democrats to Nazis
DCCC spokeswoman Jennifer Crider issued the following statement in response to Rush Limbaugh’s outrageous comments comparing Democrats to members of the Nazi Party and use of the Nazi swastika:

“Rush Limbaugh’s comparison of the Democratic Party to the Nazi Party in World War II is as disgusting as it is shocking.  Limbaugh’s use of the Nazi swastika in attempting to make a tasteless political comparison has no place in the public discourse.

“Just this past weekend, Minority Whip Eric Cantor said that the GOP ‘needs’ Mr. Limbaugh.  He should immediately condemn Limbaugh’s hateful rhetoric in the strongest possible terms and encourage Republican Members to do the same.

“At a time when families need real solutions to rebuild the economy and make health care more affordable, Rush Limbaugh is attempting to sidetrack the important debate through his use of symbols that are synonymous with murder and intolerance. Americans deserve better.”


Rush Limbaugh’s use of Nazi symbols can be seen at:

Watch the video on Media Matters.

Eric Cantor: “My sense is that we need the Sarah Palins, Dick Cheneys, Rush Limbaughs, the Colin Powells,” Cantor says. “We need all of them.” [Haaretz, 8/1/09]


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