KARK Wednesday Wake Up (Bill Vickery lives in another world)

UPDATE: Here is a link to the video of today’s Wednesday Wake-Up Call.

If Vickery works from the assumption that the best defense is a good offense, I agree entirely that it was probably a good idea to start off by making the sometimes violent right-wing soreheads who disrupt public discussions of essential national business the “winner”s. Yes, free speech is a fundamental human right and what the videos from many of these ugly confrontations show is anything but free speech. It is raw physical intimidation.

You may know that I am now a student of theology. This conversation has made me wonder if, from the biblical evangelical position which I occupy, free speech is a God-given right. Any takers on that one? The “Comment” button is at the upper right.

I am proud to say that my first  e-mails in reaction to this morning’s appearance. Let us review. A viewer in Hope, Arkansas sent this at 6:59, within five minutes of the broadcast.

I was absolutely disgusted by your appearance on KARK Ch. 4 on Wednesday, 8/12/09 with your statements regarding Americans at the town hall meetings as “un-Americans”.  As an American, it is my God given right, not to mention my Constitutional right, to criticize the President and the government.  These town hall meetings provide Americans their right to voice their opinions.  I find it very ironic how a so-called community organizer is now trying to stop communities from organizing because they are voicing their opinions.

To which I responded as follows.

The videos (readily available across the internet) show a pattern of violence and intimidation. This is very far from a constitutional God-given right to self-expression. In fact, those who attended expressly refused to listen to the answers to the questions they demanded.

Those who seek to subvert fundamental human rights are un-American.

Thank you for watching,

Pretty reasonable, huh? Pat the Peacemaker! But did that kindly and restrained response satisfy my antagonistic corespondent?

The inability to voice our opinion and not question decision have only one place, in a socialistic society, which is NOT what this nation was founded on or based on. Our govt is a govt of the people, by the people, and for the people. Any move to take that away, which is what this administration is doing, is actually the the un-American activities. I’m sure obama and his socialistic followers are disappointed that the American people are following along like the good little sheep he’d hoped we’d be, but this is America and until they take away our rights we question, demand answers, and fight those who dare to turn the nation into something that our founders fought against!

GOD bless America
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Well, sir, it would seem to me that you guys have had a full helping of free speech, right down to taking away the free speech rights of others and the right and necessity of open discussion of important public policy decisions. I don’t know much about socialism, but the tactics employed by those who have so vehemently expressed themselves is quite reminiscent of some totalitarian states. That is a trend to be avoided and hardly in keeping with American traditions.

Understand, George Washington was burned in effigy and political opposition and vigorous free speech is part of the American character. An orchestrated scheme to shut down discussion by means of intimidation and physical force is akin to the Know-Nothings of the 1800s. Their riots are a blemish on our national story.

Such protests as we have seen are unnecessary. Congress is elected by the people and every member of the House is up for election next year. People can be heard without shutting others up. That’s the line that has been crossed here, in my opinion.

My winner was Todd Turner and the Arkansas group that opposed the Payday Lenders. Total victory has been achieved as the last one of these cockroaches left the state yesterday.

My loser is the Pulaski County Comptroller, Mike Hutchens. He is the master of diversion by blustering about the polygraph tests being administered to his employees. That does not explain the missing $20,000, or is it $15,000? Oh, they don’t know how much cash was in the office!

As to the office “policy” to which Hutchens refers in various news reports. How is an unwritten policy enforceable? How is an employee supposed to know such a policy? Can you say C-Y-A? (I thought you could.)

What the devil does the Comptroller do anyway? This is a substantial sum of money. The exact amount missing is unknown. That in itself is grounds for immediate dismissal of the responsible person, Hutchens. I am bewildered. County government is showing its ineptness by the timidity in approaching this incredible incompetence.

Aside from the obvious criminal implications, this is a case of mismanagement. The solution seems fairly straightforward.

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I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

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