Friday morning Arkansas summary

James Bullard, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis, says that the national recession will end later this year, but it may be 2011 before a recovery is fully declared.

Gov. Mike Beebe is the most popular of the 50 governors with a 63 percent approval rating.

The state of Oklahoma is entitled to a jury trial on one point in its lawsuit against several poultry companies, regarding whether the Arkansas-based companies may be subject to civil penalties of up to $10,000 for polluting state waters, a federal judge held.

Youth Services Division Director Ron Angel tells legislators that he offered to resign after a delinquent youth released over employees’ objections was later arrested on a capital-murder charge.

Secretary of State Charlie Daniels has denied the Green Party access to the 2010 ballot because its presidential candidate did not get 3 percent of the vote for president in Arkansas in 2008. A lawsuit has been filed.

The Public Service Commission has scheduled a series of public meetings over adding a new area code within the existing 870 region.

The University of Arkansas says it received more gifts and pledges in the fiscal year just completed than in any other previous year, though the dollar total, $74.6 million, was down as the nation struggled with recession.

With the college football season set to begin next week, Arkansas media outlets have delayed applying for game credentials from the Southeastern Conference because of an ongoing dispute involving the league’s new media policy and restrictions on some images and video.

The National Geological Survey says seven small earthquakes barely shook parts of central Oklahoma and Arkansas yesterday, and authorities are not sure why.

A federal judge says some tomato farmers claiming their crops were damaged by drift of the rice pesticide Facet onto their tomato fields waited too long to challenge the registration of the chemical with EPA.

Johnelle Hunt, widow of the millionaire trucking icon J.B. Hunt, filed two suits against former business partners Tom Muccio and Bio-based Systems Inc. in Washington County Circuit Court. Hunt is seeking more than $1.87 million in the combined suits.

A 27-year-old Texas mother is charged with trying to disconnect feeding tube to 20-month-old child during care at Children’s Hospital.

A West Virginia caregiver charged in the death of her 74-year-old client has been found dead in Forrest City.

Lincoln police are seeking a woman accused of helping a man beat and kidnap his wife Tuesday.

A Russellville man is under arrest on suspicion of possessing illegal drugs shortly after leaving a circuit court appearance where he was found not guilty of drug charges stemming from a previous arrest.

A joint task force of DEA and FBI agents in the ongoing Tarnished Blue investigation has arrested another Memphis police officer, officials told The Commercial Appeal. Since 2003, at least 34 officers and civilian employees of the department have been indicted on corruption charges.

Little Rock hotel and restaurant owners say the city’s tourism agency needs a hotel representative now more than ever because of the economy, and see a desire by city officials to appoint someone from the general public as a power grab by City Hall.

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I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

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