Some (amazing) Thursday Arkansas morning headlines

Officials say the state’s revenues in August came in below forecast and below last year’s figures, despite an increase in individual income tax collections.

Dozens of people repeatedly shouted at Senator Blanche Lincoln as she spoke before a crowd of more than 800 people packed into an arena at Arkansas Tech University on Wednesday. At one point, an audience member repeatedly shouted and referred to advisers to President Barack Obama as “communists.”

Republicans in Arkansas’ House are criticizing Speaker Robbie Wills’ firing of the chamber’s information director and his push to revamp its communications office.

The Lottery Commission is interviewing candidates to become the internal auditor. Maximum salary is $141,000.

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel says the state will get nearly $1.8 million from drugmaker Pfizer Inc. in settlements of two cases involving more than 40 states and – in one case – the federal government.

A federal lawsuit against Saline County judges, the prosecutor, the sheriff and a jailer that claims local changes in bail-bond practices were hampering business in a way that violated a bonding company’s constitutional right to due process has been dismissed.

The Pine Bluff School Board approved a 23-month contract for Superintendent Frank Anthony, who retired effective July 1 and began receiving state retirement benefits, only to lose them after it was discovered he was rehired one day too early.

Rice growers are projected to have a 2009 yield nearly 3 percent greater than a year ago, even though the heart of the nation’s rice-producing area had a wet spring and a cool summer.

Organizers of some state and county fairs and around the nation are taking added precautions this fall at their hog exhibitions because of swine flu.

SWEPCO is asking for a 20 percent rate increase in Texas, partly to help pay for the coal fired power plant being built in Hempstead County.

The trial of a former Har-Ber baseball coach accused of sexually abusing two boys took an unexpected turn when the defendant dropped his pants enough to display a tattoo. Prosecution witnesses have previously denied the visibility of any such markings.

A homeless Texarkana man is in custody after allegedly having intercourse with a horse

Two more people pleaded guilty to racially motivated civil rights law violations in a cross-burning in Donaldson. That makes a total of five guilty pleas in the case.

A Texarkana businessman who wishes not to be identified and who deals strictly in cash contacted the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office on Friday evening and reported that he was at a Jenny Lind car wash when someone stole $450,000 from his pewter-colored four-door pickup,

Norman Millard “Butch” Stone Jr., concert promoter and former manager of acts as varied as Black Oak Arkansas and Roger Clinton, faces an aggravated assault charge after North Little Rock police accused him on of twice pointing a pistol at the same four people.


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I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

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