Arkansas Friday headlines

It’s Georgia v. Hogs! Tomorrow!

Ruth Lincoln, the grandmother-in-law to U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln and believed to be Arkansas’ oldest person, died Thursday. She was two weeks shy of her 112th birthday.

Swine flu will sweep through in waves this fall and winter, infecting as much as 50 percent of the population, health officials tell lawmakers. Experts predict the death rate from the H1N1 virus will be no higher than from seasonal flu.

Three University of Arkansas basketball players will face multiple game suspensions in connection with a frat house incident involving a female student. Her attorney contends it was a criminal assault.

Gov. Mike Beebe will not say whether he agrees with the head of the state teacher pension system’s backing down on efforts to collect illegal retirement payments.

All parties agree that no aspect of the federal lawsuit accusing Arkansas poultry companies of polluting the Illinois River watershed requires a jury’s consideration, so the federal court case in Tulsa will be decided by a judge.

Attorney Gen. Dustin McDaniel was among 11 attorney generals who met with Obama cabinet members on mortgage lending practices and other banking issues.

A federal judge spared an Arkansas death row from lethal injection after a psychologist found the man to be mentally disabled. U.S. District Judge J. Leon Holmes’ ruling gave Sedrice Maurice Simpson two life-without-parole sentences over the crack-cocaine-fueled killings of two Dallas County women in 1997.

The Supreme Court today denied or declared moot several motions by death-row inmate Rickey Dale Newman that sought to block appeals on Newman’s behalf by his attorneys.

Legal groups filed their arguments with the Supreme Court for a new trial for Damien Echols, sentenced to death in the West Memphis Three case.

A federal judge says he will again order former congressman Tommy Robinson from interfering with his ongoing bankruptcy case, threatening him with contempt of court if he does not obey.

An Arizona couple accused of sexual abuse after taking bath-time photos of their children and then trying to have them developed at Wal Mart is suing the state and the retail giant. Wal Mart employees turned the photos over to police and the couple didn’t regain custody for a month.

Jennings Osborne and Warren Stephens, two of Arkansas’ best-known rich people, are facing each other in Pulaski County Circuit Court over Osborne’s claims that Stephens’ subsidiaries, after buying his medical research company, mismanaged it and cost him as much as $6 million.

Brazilian beef giant JBS will buy 64 percent of Pilgrim’s Pride in a transaction worth $2.8 billion that is expected to lift the Texas-based poultry processor out of bankruptcy by the end of the year.

Poultry processor George’s Inc. paid a $450,000 fine resulting from a settlement agreement the company made with the U.S. government over illegal workers at its Cassville, Mo., plant.

Mourners gathered in Marianna on to remember a 24-year-old soldier who was killed in Afghanistan. 1st Lt. Tyler Parten died after insurgents attacked his unit with rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire.

A piece of Michael Jackson’s Neverland is making an appearance at the Baxter County Fair at Mountain Home this week. Folks will be able to ride on his ferris wheel.


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