Thursday Arkansas roundup

Fourth District Congressman Mike Ross has asked USA Drug to waive a confidentiality agreement so he can release all details of the sale agreement which paid $440,000 for his former pharmacy in Prescott. One public interest group is calling for a Justice Department investigation

Senator Blanche Lincoln says she is beginning to favor the health care reform legislation sponsored by Montana Senator Max Baucus.

A committee hand-picked by House Speaker Robbie Wills rejected a proposed rules change today that would require the new House Communications Office to provide even-handed service to members.

Entertainment is the name of the game, according to Ernie Passailaigue, director of Arkansas Lottery Commission. “This game should be played with only one perspective,” he said. “By adults, who are looking to be entertained, with discretionary dollars.”

Scratch-off lottery tickets go on sale on Monday, but Gov. Mike Beebe says he won’t be a customer, although Lt. Gov. Halter says he “certainly will.”

One in 10 Arkansas students who took last year’s multi-state Algebra II End-of-Course test scored at the desired “prepared” or “well prepared” levels.

A federal judge questioned whether Oklahoma’s lawsuit against the Arkansas poultry industry should be dismissed because the state failed to name the Cherokee Nation as a plaintiff.

The Court of Appeals rules  that a Miller County Circuit judge did not err when he allowed the prosecutor in a robbery trial to strike a potential juror who was black, despite the prosecutor’s admission that race was a factor in his decision

NWA real estate expert and former U. of A economist Jeff Collins filed Ch. 7 bankruptcy last week. Liabilities $10.28 million, Assets $243,314 assets.

A Paragould car parts manufacturer will pick up 75 new jobs after a plant in Nebraska closes, eliminating 500 jobs.

Officials say a worker at a paper recycling facility in Camden was crushed to death in a paper compactor.

Customers who buy a big-screen television, computer or even an electronic game from Sam’s Club can get free technical support and a paid delivery and setup service

A woman struck by a car that plowed into a group of people earlier this year in Forrest City has died, and charges against the suspect are expected to be upgraded to murder. That will be Forrest City’s sixth homicide this year.

The mayor of Greers Ferry has been arrested on suspicion of stealing money from a tornado relief fund set up for victims of a twister that struck last year

The state Court of Appeals says a Camden boy who suffocated his bound sister with plastic bags should remain in a juvenile lockup.


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I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

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