Wednesday first Arkansas headlines

Senator Blanche Lincoln voted against the so-called public option twice in the Senate Finance Committee consideration of health insurance reform.

A Senate committee has voted to restore $50 million a year in federal funding for abstinence-only sex education that President Barack Obama had sought to eliminate. Senator Lincoln is among the “yes” votes.

Nolan Richardson will be back on the bench again this time for a prospective WNBA team in Tulsa

The Arkansas lottery sold $1.2 million dollars worth of tickets the first day and paid out about $700,000 in winnings. There were 140 $1,000 winners and a single $20,000 winner on the first day.

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel says it’s up to the state’s retirement system to decide if it should release names of elected officials who collect retirement benefits while still serving as government employees.

Responding to a question from Rep. Beverly Pyle, Attorney General McDaniel says he believes the state ban on guns in church would be upheld.

New-vehicle registrations in Arkansas dropped by 21 percent last month, but the expected flood of registrations following the “cash for clunkers” program should show up in September.

Staring at a possible revenue shortfall, the Forrest City School Board will seek a $1 million loan from a local bank.

OG&E announced today it has reached agreements with developers to build two new wind farms in northwestern Oklahoma that will more than triple its wind power capacity by the end of next year.

After a 10-year absence, Tyson Foods is teaming with grocery store chain Food Lion to reintroduce the Holly Farms fresh chicken brand.

A Pulaski County Circuit judge rejected a 15-year-old North Little Rock boy’s request Monday to have his armed robbery, burglary and terroristic act charges transferred to juvenile court after prosecutors questioned the effectiveness of juvenile sentencing laws and the security of the Arkansas Youth Services Division.

One man was killed and another was injured after parole officers were fired upon during a search of a home northeast of Jonesboro.


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