Right-Wing Clowns at WingNutDaily Call for Obama Impeachment Video

Rachel, love ya! Great report. One thing, if you don’t mind. While my politics and yours are a lot alike, I do wish there were a few people on our side that wanted to win as much as Floyd Brown. Sure, he’s a little brain damaged, but darn it, he wants to WIN. When Republicans win, wealthy special interests and a few select families are better off. When Republicans win, ordinary people, lose their homes, families, jobs, health insurance and very lives. When oh when will our side finally get some leadership with the dedication to WINNING. We have solid majorities in Congress because the American people want change and 20% of a lunatic fringe is running the show. Impeach Obama? I admire the sheer nerve of it and they probably will.

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Rachel Maddow takes apart the conservative rag WorldNetDaily (known to us as WingNutDaily) and its recent calls for the impeachment of Barack Obama. In their column, Floyd and Mary Beth Brown wrote: “Like so many on the far-left before him,…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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