Former Pres. Clinton Blasts Olbermann For Politicizing Little Rock Health Care Event

May the good Lord up above forbid that Bill Clinton ever get his hands dirty with anything political. This is perplexing. Bill Clinton has politicized everything in his life, including the execution of a mentally retarded man during his presidential campaign. Bill Clinton started his card file at age 11.

Health care has become transformed from a moral calling to a scheme to make a few chosen people wealthy on the backs of desperate people and Bill Clinton is afraid of a little politics.  Here is a link to the entire story.

Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor had best start paying as much attention to some of the poorest, sickest people in America who happen to live in Arkansas.

by Steve Krakauer | 6:14 pm, November 20th, 2009


olbermann_8-10Well this is surprising.

Former President Bill Clinton told FireDogLake today he would not attend a free clinic event in Arkansas tomorrow because MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann had “politicized” the event.

From the post:

Eve ran into Clinton Thursday in the gift shop of the Clinton Library. She’s in Arkansas covering the Keith Olbermann’s free clinic event, organized by the National Association of Free Clinics. The former President is in town for the 5th anniversary of the Clinton Library…Clinton responded that Olbermann was politicizing the clinic, and that it wasn’t helpful for Olbermann to do that. He said he did not feel he could show up now, because the event had turned political.

Olbermann began his endorsement of these free clinics on his hour-long Special Comment show on October 8. The Arkansas event was just one of six Olbermann had made part of his larger push for health care reform. According to FireDogLake: “Olbermann, who has invited his viewers to contribute to the National Association of Free Clinics in advance of the event, has said on his show that ‘I want Sens. (Blanche) Lincoln and (Mark) Pryor to see what health care poverty is really like in Little Rock.’”


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