Monica Lewinsky says Bill Clinton lied, new book claims – Telegraph

Just when you thought it was safe to start following the news on a regular basis, this shows up out of the clear blue. It’s blockbuster stuff. It is the kind of thing of which Pulitzer Prizes are made. Prepare to shocked, stunned and amazed!

“The Death of American Virtue” by law professor Ken Gormley also asserts that Mr Clinton had long-running affair with Susan McDougal, a key player in the Whitewater scandal.

Though Mr Gormley offers no concrete evidence of the affair, he told “I feel very, very comfortable with that conclusion after having conducted extensive interviews and seen documents that were not generally accessible to the public.”

Ah, yes. The death of virtue is reported by an author without any concrete evidence. Let the right wing nuts get on with it.

Monica Lewinsky says Bill Clinton lied, new book claims – Telegraph.


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