Wednesday early morning Arkansas news

Bill Bowen, sworn into a seat on the Supreme Court last Tuesday, had a health setback Friday, a stroke-like episode, and as a result will be resigning from the court.

Richard Weiss, the chief financial officer, says the budget will have no raise for state employees next year. A 2.3 percent increase had been projected. The prediction now is for a 4 percent increase in state revenue, but that will only regain some lost ground.

A legislative subcommittee upholds a $1.5 million award to a Des Arc man injured because of negligence by the state Highway and Transportation Department. The incident involves an ATV and an unmarked roadway workside.

The Education Department has issued its annual grade inflation report on high school Algebra and geometry grades. The report said 59 high schools had inflation rates of 20 percent or more.

National Guard units are being dispatched on missions to provide water to several communities suffering water line problems. 2000 residents of Perry County are without water.

The winner of the $25 million powerball jackpot is still unknown.

Just how long the Federal Reserve Bank continues to prop up the housing market will play a vital role in the economic recovery, a St. Louis Fed official tells Little Rock Rotary Club members.

A water quality expert testifies that Oklahoma failed to investigate commercial fertilizer, septic tanks, sewer plants and family pets as potential sources of phosphorus in the Illinois River.

The Internal Revenue Service believes the city of Altheimer owes thousands of dollars in payroll withholdings and has placed liens on some city assets.

Jefferson County finished 2009 under budget by $1.8 million.

Tens of thousands of FEMA mobile homes stored at the hope airport are up for sale to the highest bidder. But the manufactured home industry wants it stopped by the end of the week.

A manufacturer of fiberglass-reinforced plastic industrial equipment has opened a facility in Harrison employing about 75 workers.

Little Rock boxer Jermain Taylor will be dropping out of a Showtime boxing series to rest his “body and mind.” Taylor, who suffered a concussion in his last fight, said he hoped to stay in shape and return to the sport

Little Rock investigators are looking for a suspect in a shooting which was part of a dispute over a car paint job.

Lonoke County prosecutors have charged three inmates with second-degree murder in the death of a former prisoner.

Lane Kiffin is returning to Southern California as the Trojans’ coach after just one season at Tennessee.


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