Tim Griffin update

Here is a little update on everybody’s favorite Carl Rove clone and professional “cager.”

Which is it Tim “Dirty Tricks” Griffin: Are you Denying or Defending Voter Suppression?

In the immediate aftermath of Tim Griffin’s resignation as U. S. Attorney when the allegations first surfaced that he was involved in a sleazy, deliberate scam to deprive voters of their voting rights, Griffin denied any knowledge or involvement in the scheme despite damning evidence to the contrary. He even said he didn’t know what the practice was.

Now, in responding to questions raised about his role in the scandal, Griffin defended his role in the despicable practice saying that he was at the RNC at the time and he wanted to make sure people have “a legitimate address.”

“Either Tim Griffin stands by his long-held denials despite evidence to the contrary or his values system is so warped that he thinks depriving working families and military service members their ability to vote is ok – which is it?” Jesse Ferguson, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Tim Griffin resigned under the cloud of scandal because Democrats and Republicans knew that someone involved in a scheme like this didn’t share the values Arkansas families expect in a U. S. Attorney. Those aren’t the values Arkansas families want in Congress, either.”


·        “Caging as you may know, I had to look it up, is a direct mail term for basically organizing returned mail.”  [CSPAN, 6/14/07]
·        “It’s so untrue I don’t know exactly what you want me to say, I didn’t do any of the stuff that he alleges, so and of course if I didn’t do it I don’t know of any Karl Rove impact on it.” [CSPAN, 6/14/07]
·        “It’s malicious and absolutely untrue that I tried to do this,” said Griffin.  [Charleston Gazette, 6/25/07]

·        “I was at the RNC at that time and I was on the communication staff and we did everything we could to make sure the press knew about a lot of this stuff. If you look in articles, you will see hundreds of examples of illegal registering of people to vote and what have you.”  [The Tolbert Report, 1/21/2010]

·         “I believe that everybody who can vote legally should vote legally. But I also know that people who vote illegally in voter fraud waters down the vote of people like you and me who can vote legally.”  [The Tolbert Report, 1/21/2010]

·        “Bottom line is there were a lot of people registered who either didn’t exist or didn’t have a legitimate address.”  [The Tolbert Report, 1/21/2010]


·        “Caging” – A way to identify voters whose registered addresses may be invalid, by sending them registered mail that they must sign for.  If they do not sign, their ballots could be contested.

May 2007: “Allegations that Tim Griffin had Been Involved in Vote Caging”

Justice Department Aide Monica Goodling testified to the House Judiciary Committee that knowledge about allegations of vote ‘caging’ by Griffin had not been disclosed during his selection process for U.S. Attorney.

“The deputy was not fully candid about his knowledge of White House involvement (and) …failed to disclose that he had some knowledge of the White House’s interest in selecting Tim Griffin as Interim U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, and failed to disclose that he had some knowledge of allegations that Tim Griffin had been involved in vote ‘caging’ during his work on the president’s 2004 campaign.” [Eureka Times Standard, 5/31/07; York Dispatch, 5/23/07]

June 2007: Griffin Resigns as Interim District Attorney
Griffin’s resignation as intern District Attorney became effective June 1, 2007.  While discussing his resignation after only 7 months in the position, he said he wanted to move home and stay in Arkansas “for good” with his family.   [Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 6/15/07; Associated Press, 6/15/07]

Denied Allegations Despite Writing Back to an E-mail with an Attachment Titled “Caging”

Griffin said the assertions of vote caging were unfounded.

“It’s malicious and absolutely untrue that I tried to do this,” said Griffin.  [Charleston Gazette, 6/25/07]

Griffin Replied “Thank you, Perfect,” to an E-Mail Containing Spreadsheets Titled “Caging”

“Thanks to his friends at GeorgeWBush.org, an anti-Bush parody site, BBC journalist Greg Palast was given confidential e-mails with attached files named “Caging.xls” and “Caging-1.xls.” These e-mails were sent by the Republican Party of Florida to a long list of national Republican officials and were accidentally also sent to the “.org” address. Among the intended recipients was Tim Griffin, research director and deputy communications director for the Republican National Committee, who responded to one with, “thank you, perfect.” [Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 9/02/07]


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