Holt: “stimulus” programs will be the “line in the sand”

Guess he won’t be supporting high speed rail car construction in Paragould, of the Bella Vista bypass, or … well…

SPRINGDALE — Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jim Holt said today that government spending on “stimulus” programs will be the “line in the sand” between him and Senator Lincoln this fall.
Holt was referring to Democratic Party of Arkansas (DPA) attacks on Holt and others for opposing President Barack Obama’s “stimulus” spending scheme.
“If Blanche Lincoln and the DPA want to attack me for opposing the use of federal taxes to pay for summer reading classes in Fayetteville, computerizing hospital records in Harrison and buying two police cars in Walnut Ridge, I won’t object,” Holt said, “because it just demonstrates yet another difference in our attitudes toward the constitution and its limitations on federal government spending.”
“There are many, many differences between Senator Lincoln on myself on the issues, and this is just one of them,” Holt said. “She believes the federal government should be picking the winners and losers in our society, and I don’t. We can pay for our own summer reading programs and new police cars without federal help and the strings that come with it. And why can’t the North Arkansas Regional Medical Center pay for their own data processing? How is that the role of the federal government?”
“If Senator Lincoln and the DPA think my opposition to Barack Obama’s socialist agenda is going to help the most unpopular Senator in Arkansas’ history win re-election, then I’ve only just begun helping,” Holt said. “Outside of national defense and building interstate roads, there’s not much federal spending I support.”
Holt, who served in the Arkansas House and state Senate before topping the 2006 GOP ticket as the Lieutenant Governor nominee — running 10,000 votes ahead of Gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson — was the GOP nominee against Lincoln in 2004. Given no chance to win, Holt raised less than $150,000 for that battle yet won 44% of the vote, the third highest vote share for any GOP challenger in the nation in that pro-incumbent year.
“The time has come to begin a wholesale dismantling of the federal government in favor of turning over as many essential functions to state and local governments as possible,” Holt said. “It’s not enough to say you are against Obama’s excesses– and there are many– because even the status quo is unacceptable. President Obama’s excesses have convinced the nation that a bigger and more intrusive federal government is not the way to go and that it’s time to take our nation back,” Holt added.

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