Candidates Gilbert Baker & Kim Hendren & Gov. Beebe “Shenanigan” on gun law

Debbie Paley sent this along. I include it here for entertainment value. (By the way, Debbie, it is now the Democrat-Gazette.)

Remember about a year ago when the names and addresses of concealed handgun license (CHL) holders were published online by liberal bloggers?  Well, a bill to make the list private was passed in the state House by a 98 to 1 margin  but it was killed in the Senate.

Little was known how it happened at the time, but new details are emerging about how exactly it all happened.  In fact, the bill’s death involved current US Senate candidates Gilbert Baker and Kim Hendren:

In true political fashion, what the people of Arkansas wanted was not what they received. Governor Mike Beebe became involved, working with the Arkansas Press Association, the Arkansas Times and the Arkansas Democrat to water down the bill. Pressure was brought upon members of the committee, and committee members Ed Wilkinson of Greenwood and Kim Hendren of Gravette were used to hijack the bill. The bill failed to pass “as is” and was amended to allow names and zip codes to be kept public. The Arkansas Senate then voted this very much weaker bill through with a vote of 34-0. Voters were livid, but helpless at this time against the liberal politics of Little Rock.

One thing that was never pointed out, however, was the fact that Senator Gilbert Baker could have stopped the whole hijacking had he just voted for the bill when it first came up before the committee. He was the swing vote that could have passed the bill through committee “as is.”

The bill’s sponsor Randy Stewart told us that Baker had told him that he had a talk with Beebe and could not support the bill as written. That day I watched from the sidelines as Baker refused to answer a “yes” or “no” vote when his name was called.
It’s obvious now the shenanigans of Senators Wilkinson and Hendren caused the CHL privacy bill to be amended and watered down. However, it wasn’t so clear to gun owners Senator Gilbert Baker could have easily voted the original bill through to the Senate, where it was sure to pass.

Senators Gilbert Baker [and Kim Hendren] are now running for the United States Senate seat held by Senator Blanche Lincoln. After watching the politics of Senator Mark Pryor this past year, I am not sure we need another politician playing games with our trust on gun votes. We definitely do not need another politician in Washington, D.C. forcing laws on us we do not want.

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