Tuesday morning in Arkansas

Gov. Mike Beebe has ordered a change of leadership at the Alexander Human Development Center. There have been incidents reported in the facility which houses hundreds of adults with severe to profound retardation and other health problems.

Republican candidate for governor Jim Keet says that if elected he would urge lawmakers to approve legislation refusing to pay for costs associated with a proposed national health care overhaul.

Gov. Mike Beebe raised $313,615 in February and reported $1.3 million cash on hand, according to monthly campaign contribution reports.

Mayors of the tiny east Arkansas towns of Jericho and Sunset will be summoned by subpoena to the Legislative Joint Auditing Committee after they failed to show up for meetings they had been asked to attend.

Gov. Mike Beebe declared Cleburne, Saline and White Counties state disaster areas after last week’s tornadoes and severe storms caused damage in several places.

The Forrest City Police Department’s program of keeping city streets clean and allowing misdemeanor offenders to work off fines has saved the city more than $100,000 since late 2007.

A decade-long project to relocate the fat pocketbook mussel during bridge construction work in northeast Arkansas has helped move the shellfish close to being removed from the endangered species list.

Readers Digest has broken down statistics from the Federal Highway Administration. The top 10 states with the “Deadliest Roads” are: 1) Montana; 2) Louisiana; 3) South Carolina; 4) West Virginia; 5) Arkansas; 6) Mississippi; 7) Kentucky; 8) Wyoming; 9) Alabama; and 10) Nevada.

Rebates of up to $200 for purchasing certain energy-efficient appliances are available under a new program announced today by the state Energy Office.

Two University of Arkansas at Fayetteville students died and a third was injured after falling from a 50-foot bluff in rural Franklin County.

A McDonald’s worker is accused of robbing a nearby restaurant while on a break. Authorities identified 22-year-old Jamel Turner as a suspect because he was still wearing his McDonald’s visor during the robbery, according to Little Rock Police Department documents.


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I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

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