Commies taking over the schools! Jim Holt to the rescue!

OK, Maybe Debbie Paley Pelley (my spelling mistake, not deliberate) is right. (Only kidding. We all know that’s not possible.) Could the one-worlders do any worse than the Pulaski County School District board? Or how about those idiots up in Greene County who suspended three football coaches WITH PAY after an out-of town game, but won’t tell the public why? And there are some Baptist schools (well, actually one school) in Sherwood that some folks are raising questions about.

Listen people, Debbie’s latest press release has FOOTNOTES, so you know it’s true. They don’t let you use FOOTNOTES, unless it is all proven FACT.

AND A FURTHER THOUGHT ON LOCAL CONTROL; does anybody seriously believe the Pulaski County Special School District is doing a good job? They have no accountability. Standards attempt (imperfectly sometimes) to establish some sort of accountability.

I shouldn’t do it, but I think regular people need a window into the mind of the FAR right. So, here is the latest press release.

Federal and International Curriculum Being Imposed

With NCLB And Obama’s Stimulus Package

See Blue Font At End of This Article To See How

Our Candidates For Arkansas US Senate Voted on This Issue

(Summary:  Through NCLB and with Stimulus money, Obama is implementing national/international curriculum (UN curriculum) in our schools. Janet Napolitano was chair of the international benchmarking advisory group over these standards before Obama appointed her as Director of Homeland Security. Imagine our school curriculum being written by Napolitano. Napolitano is the one that sent out the DHS warning to law enforcement officials across the nation to be on alert for violent antigovernment groups like returning veterans, citizens opposing abortion, firearms restrictions, homosexuality, and out of control spending. Some of our candidates for US Senate voted for bills at the state and national level that laid the foundation and added the building blocks for such curriculum.  See how they voted at end of this article.)

National history standards were proposed in 1994 that were so liberal and outlandish that the US Senate voted 99 to 1 to reject them.

Yet, “Without the slightest bit of legislative discussion in either chamber, the Obama administration quietly slipped $4.35 billion of education funding into the stimulus bill passed in 2009 for a program called Race to the Top (RTTT). The absolute requirement of RTTT is that states must adopt national standards.” 1.

This so called improvement plan is to be paid for by Obama’s Stimulus package through grants to states that compete for the largest pool of federal discretionary education money in U.S. history.  But few citizens realize that these grants are the basis of implementing a federal and international curriculum. Education Secretary Arne Duncan is quoted as saying, “Race to the Top is a competition. Only the best proposals will win.” 2

And who wins the competition? Those states who get the most schools to implement the national and international standards.The competitive application requires states to show the largest number of school districts agreeing to take on these national/international standards,” and, “States adopting the new standards in their schools will receive extra points in their Race to the Top application and states rejecting the standards will be docked points.” 3 & 4

According to Julie Johnson Thompson, a spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Education, “Some highlights of Arkansas’ existing plan (for the RTTT grant) included implementing a national common core of education standards and tests.” 5

So the Obama administration is buying our schools systems. But this is nothing new. The government has been doing it with grants through Goals 2000, School To Work, and No Child Left Behind (NCLB) for fifteen years now.  But only a few people realized what they were doing because it was done more subtly.

This quote explains what national standards means: “Frank Waller, director of Jackson County’s middle and secondary schools explained that ultimately this competition [grants from Race to The Top] is part of a larger, national move [NCLB] toward unification of all state school systems. These standards will define for every school system the knowledge and skills students should have within their kindergarten through 12th grades.” 6

So what are international standards? “As explained by Professor Allen Quist, the only comprehensive “internationally benchmarked” standards are those produced by the UN’s educational and cultural arm UNESCO and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).  These standards will promote the documents and principles of the United Nations over those of the United States.” 7

About three years ago I wrote an article on the IBO.  I described it this way in the first two paragraphs. 8

IBO was slipped through the legislature with not one legislator voting against it.  At one point it was in the process of being implemented in a Jonesboro, Arkansas elementary magnet school.  It has already been implemented at Springdale, Hot Springs, and North Little Rock.

So What is IBO? IBO stands for International Baccalaureate Organization. “School board members in a Minnesota district call it anti-American and anti-Christian. In New Jersey, members of one school board argue it’s a waste of money. Critics argue that IBM’s multicultural themes promote values that conflict with traditional Judeo-Christian values. One teacher objects to the program because of IBO’s endorsement of the Earth Charter that calls for sustainability of the Earth through, among other things, responsible reproduction and wealth distribution.  Many opponents have called it Marxist. Another critic says IBO promotes socialism, disarmament, radical environmentalism and moral relativism, while attempting to undermine Christian religious values and national sovereignty.”

In 1998 or 1999 I presented a paper to a national educational meeting in St. Louis entitled State Assessments – Precursor to Total Federal Control of Curriculum. I based my conclusion on the reforms I was seeing in Arkansas and research on what was going on around the nation. 9

In 2003 the Arkansas Omnibus bill (Act 1467) mandated that all schools in Arkansas implement the state government standards and be tested on them.  This Omnibus bill, according to then Director of Arkansas Department of Education Ray Simon himself,is where we begin to implement requirements of No Child Left Behind.”   Note also that consolidation was part of the plan to gain control over all aspects of the schools.  The word consolidation is mentioned 36 times in the Omnibus bill. 10

Now in 2010  the federal standards are here just as I predicted, and not only national standards, but the  national/international standards that the states have been marching toward since 1990’s with Goals 2000, School to Work, and No Child Left Behind. The following letter to editor published in the Democrat Gazette describes where Arkansas stands on this issue of national and international standards (written even before the Race to the Top grants)

The Democrat-Gazette reported that Arkansas Education Commissioner Ken James testified at a U.S. House committee hearing on the need for national K-12 academic standards. The paper did not report that, according to the Council of Chief State School Officers, “The purpose of the hearing was to examine how states can better prepare their students to compete in a global economy by using internationally benchmarked common standards.”

Either the paper or James evidently considered international standards beyond the digestive level of Arkansans. The news story referred only to a push for national standards. The Arkansas Education Department recently announced that it will delay plans to revise English/language arts standards pending the outcome of the national initiative. In other words, James can’t wait to implement the national/international standards.

Neither did the paper mention that none other than Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security director Janet Napolitano was chair of the international benchmarking advisory group overseeing the national and international curriculum standards. Remember Napolitano. She is responsible for the recent Homeland Security report warning law enforcement officials about a rise in so-called rightwing extremist activity, labeling returning veterans and other citizens opposed to abortion, firearms restrictions, homosexuality and high taxes, and associating them with violent antigovernment groups. Imagine the likes of Napolitano writing our state school curriculum.  Debbie Pelley, Jonesboro, Arkansas. 11

So how have our candidates for US Senate (who have a voting record)  voted on these issues leading to national/international United Nations standards?

  • Jim Holt voted against every bill that had to do with consolidation, the Omnibus bill, and government control and spending related to No Child Left Behind.
  • Senator Gilbert Baker voted for all bills in the Legislature that promoted consolidation, the Omnibus bill, and government control and spending related to No Child Left Behind.
  • Senator Kim Hendren voted for all bills in the Legislature that promoted consolidation and government control related to No Child Left Behind except for the Omnibus bill.
  • Congressman John Boozman on his website praises No Child Left Behind, saying among many things, The “No Child Left Behind Act,” which was passed shortly after I entered Congress, is an important step toward true reform (elipsis) Like many of my colleagues in Congress, I am eager for the reauthorization of NCLB.  In the same article Boozman says  “I learned that we need to take the decision-making power out of Washington and put it into the hands of officials back home.”  But local control and NCLB are diametrically opposite concepts. 12
  • US Congressman John Boozman voted for TARP bailout and on his website adamantly supports No Child Left Behind (NCLB).  The Omnibus bill (3rd bill mentioned above)  was the bill that implemented NCLB in Arkansas.  The Omnibus bill combined a state mandated curriculum in Arkansas along with consolidation.  So in essence Senator Baker, Senator Hendren, and Congressman John Boozman (knowingly or unknowingly)  all  supported consolidation and  federal government controlled curriculum because national and international standards are now being implemented in our schools.  NCLB has been working toward this now for years.
  • Senator Blanche Lincoln voted for and supports NCLB. ( NCLB  was sponsored by Ted Kennedy.)

Jim Holt is the only candidate in this race that actively opposed NCLB, government control, and consolidation.

By Debbie Pelley Posted on at this link:’l%20Curriculum%20in%20US%20RTTT.htm

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I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

One Response to Commies taking over the schools! Jim Holt to the rescue!

  1. Barbara Halverson says:

    I am almost 82 and started finding the plan to take over the schools in the 60’s. Our kids were into sensitivity training in 1967…and all the other programs designed to change this country to what we are today.We left Hi in 1968 (leaving a beautiful place and my husband to complete his 24 years in the USN. When our 4 children and I arrived in Fl (home), I learned quickly that all the same group in Fl had been programed just as in Hi!I have fought against this takeover ever since.I may have some material that would be of some interest to those who are fighting against this brainwashing that is going on. Of course, it is being administered through every group…
    military,churches, and businesses in addition to the schools. I hate for my materials to be tossed out when I am gone. Keep up the good work. Barbara Halverson

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