West Memphis police officer killed, another injured after traffic stop on interstate » The Commercial Appeal

West Memphis police officer killed, another injured after traffic stop on interstate » The Commercial Appeal.


Idol: Forcing a Hallelujah “moment” | Tubular | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

Idol: Forcing a Hallelujah “moment” | Tubular | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle.

Comedy Central, Repent!

First of all, I love South Park. It is brilliant commentary but the blazing smart observations are often covered over with its’ own feces. Now this is Pat Lynch talking here and I am no prude. South Park would be a more effective voice if it were more tolerable.

On a similar note, this has arrived on my in-box.

Comedy Central has decided to lower the bar even further by stepping up efforts to mock and defame Christians!

They recently announced that they are developing a cartoon series about Jesus Christ called “JC.” According to Comedy Central, Jesus will move to New York City to “escape his father’s enormous shadow” and to live a normal life.

The network says that God will be portrayed in the show as an “apathetic” father, obsessed with playing video games.

Just two weeks ago, Comedy Central censored South Park’s depiction of the prophet Muhammad after intense Muslim protest, yet they have a long history of ridiculing Jesus and Christians in the same show.

This directly mirrors the way the liberal media have treated Islam and Christianity for years now. While going out of their way to respect Islam, they relentlessly attack and defame Christianity and the 80 percent of Americans that call themselves Christians.

We’re tired of this double standard, and we hope you are too.

These days when Judeo-Christian values are under almost constant attack from the Hollywood elite and the left-wing media who brand us as racists, hate-mongers and radicals, it’s time we take a strong stand and let our voices be heard!

+ + 50,000 Petitions to be Delivered to Comedy Central

You don’t need to be a Christian to be offended by this incredible double standard…

I have no intention of signing this petition, but I probably will not watch either. The idea of the uninvolved deity is not the liberal media’s creation (wicked bastards they are!). The “god of the universe” or “nature’s god” is a creature of the Enlightenment in the 18th century. Many mainstream Americans believe in the God who made everything and then left the creatures to their own devices. That is a widespread view among the American Founding Fathers.

Evangelical Christians believe in a God who is both immanent and omniscient. We believe in a God that cares and is involved in our lives and world affairs. I think a serious adult drama about Jesus coming back to a decadent American city, like Cincinnati or Des Moines, would be entertaining and thoughtful. Jesus could move into town and start a house church. All of the members would be total losers and he would give them assignments.

Ah, well, enough creativity.

Comedy Central bands over backwards to put Muhammad in a Santa suit or a bear costume so as not to offend, but will do everything possible to treat Christians like nit-wits. Now, sometimes we act that way and we deserve it, but fairness would require more of a network that wants to be taken seriously.

Or maybe they don’t. Maybe ait’s all about the Benjamins. In that case, the petitions are nothing but a huge promotional campaign and exactly what CC intended to provoke.

I sincerely wish Comedy Central would try to do better.