McChrystal Removed After Brief Meeting With Obama –

‘Bout time Obama got one right.

Bill Vickery and I sharply disagreed about this one on today’s Wednesday Wake Up on KARK TV Ch 4. Vickery, if i correctly understand his position, considers any discipline to be some sort of political cleansing of opposing viewpoints. I don’t think that stands up to scrutiny.

I recall from my childhood that five-star General of the Army and Supreme Allied Commander of Allied Forces in Europe Dwight D. Eisenhower made quite a point of letting it be known that he was not a member of any party. He claimed not to have voted in presidential elections, citing a conflict of interest. Gen. Eisenhower firmly held to the idea of civilian control of the military.

Gen. McChrystal is acting in a manner that fails to respect the constitutional system. Absolute adherence to this system, imperfect as it is, has spared the United States the military coups common in other nations. It is not in our DNA and we should keep it that way.

McChrystal’s disrespectful remarks are an affront to the concept of a chain of command. If he can get away with smarting off to the Commander-in-Chief, any lower ranking solider can dis’ any officer without fear of consequence. This is contrary to the entire notion of military discipline.

Here is the story link.

McChrystal’s Fate Unclear After Brief Meeting With Obama –


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