Congressman Boozman Votes Against Extending Benefits for Arkansans Searching for Jobs

John Boozman and Blanche Lincoln both voted to bailout the Wall Street banks because George Bush said the economy would collapse.  Then, when Senator Lincoln angered the big banks with tough new regulations to hold those banks accountable and make sure there can never be a repeat of the Wall Street driven economic collapse of 2008, Congressman Boozman voted no and failed to lead.  And what about the thousands of Arkansans left unemployed by the recession?  Let them eat cake!  Today, Congressman Boozman voted for at least the 18th time against extending benefits for Arkansans still searching for jobs.

The two biggest threats to the economy are unemployment and the dire financial condition of the states.
Worsening unemployment means slower growth, or worse, renewed recession. So if lawmakers are wondering why consumer confidence and the stock market are tanking (the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index hit a new low for the year on Tuesday), they need look no further than a mirror. The situation cries out for policies to support economic growth — specifically jobless benefits and fiscal aid to states. But instead of delivering, Congressional Republicans and many Democrats have been asserting that the nation must act instead to cut the deficit … Deficits matter, but not more than economic recovery, and not more urgently than the economic survival of millions of Americans. [New York Times, 6/29/210]

Boozman Has Voted At Least 18 Times Against Extending or Expanding Unemployment Benefits. [2010 House Votes #211, 398, 418; 2009 House Votes #991, 772; 2008 House Votes #660, 412, 408, 407, 403, 330; 2004 House Vote #18; 2003 House Votes #222, 191, 180, 174, 112, 6]


News Analysis – Kagan Reminds Senators – Legislation Is Your Job –

Richard H. Pildes, a law professor at New York University, said Ms. Kagan’s attitude toward Congress amounted to tough love. “Elena is a hard-minded person,” he said. “She’s lucid and clear and demanding of herself and demanding of others.”

“The deference to Congress that she’s talking about,” he added, “brings with it a real sense of the responsibilities of Congress as well.”

News Analysis – Kagan Reminds Senators – Legislation Is Your Job –

Appeals court rules against Plano ISD in Christian candy cane case 11:55 AM CT | Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News reports on a decision from the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans. It’s a bad ruling and likely to be (successfully) appealed. The issue concerns elementary students who passed out religious materials in a public school.

Does the district have a right to curtail that kind of activity? Before your kneel jerks, here is another question. What if the little children were giving your kids pamphlets and pictures of Muhammad or the Blessed Virgin Mary. Hate to whip out the Catholic card, but I wanted to make a point. What if your child came home from third grade with a rosary, or a copy of the Book of Mormon? I would be unhappy, but what do I know. After all, I NEVER RAISED ONE OF MY OWN!

Evangelicals, such as the people who stirred this pot and them filed the suit, will regret the day this type of conduct becomes acceptable.

Here is the link

Appeals court rules against Plano ISD in Christian candy cane case 11:55 AM CT | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Latest News.