‘The Huckabee Show’: Mike Huckabee Gets Trial Talk Show On Fox

‘The Huckabee Show’: Mike Huckabee Gets Trial Talk Show On Fox.


Weiner stretches an argument

The Friends of Weiner School District filed a lawsuit today in Federal Court against the State of Arkansas.  Attorney, Kim Kelley, of Conway represents the group.  We firmly believe that our elected officials have made laws that violate our Constitutional rights.  These laws have and will cause irreparable harm.   We will not remain silent, as our policy makers continue to behave in a reckless manner.  It is destroying what makes Arkansas the land of opportunity. Our education system is broken, and it is our duty to begin the process of repairing it for all Arkansans.

Excerpt from Memorandum:
The closure of the Weiner School District is in violation of the Arkansas Constitution.  The Weiner School District is being closed through the implementation of Act 60 of 2003, through the Act’s requirement that any school whose student attendance falls below 350 must be closed. Act 60 is unconstitutional in that it violates Articles 10 and 14 of the Arkansas Constitution. Article 10 of the Arkansas Constitution mandates that our “General Assembly shall pass laws as shall foster and aid agriculture….” Our national security interests, and the federal laws and policies promulgated to protect our national interests have become inextricably intertwined with the protection of our country’s critical infrastructures and key resources.
Agro-terrorism, a subcategory of bio-terrorism, is a threat to our national security.  Arkansas must be enjoined from continuing it’s systematic closure of schools in agricultural areas without evaluating the effect those closures have on the agricultural and educational effects on the communities, state and national security, and interstate commerce.