Coppell mayor wrote she and her daughter ‘were lost, alone, and afraid’ | Dallas Morning News

I have some strong feelings about suicide. It is an act of selfishness and a complete loss of hope. This is completely against the Christian faith. The rubric in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, which is a doctrinal standard for traditional Anglicans, does not permit Christian burial in the case of suicide.

Taking your own life is serious business. That’s all I am saying. The church has a pastoral decision and it usually comes down on the side of ministering to the grieving family. That looks like the right call most of the time.

In the case below, mother and daughter received a Methodist church funeral. I am in no position to judge a decision rightly left to a local pastor and his superiors. Surely the church needs to say something about public corruption and the loss of the trust in God’s providence, which is part of the Christian life. Let wiser people than me balance the competing interests.

People who take their own lives are not thinking clearly. Sometimes they are overcome by sickness and unbearable pain. It’s hard to second guess that kind of circumstance. Then there is the story about the late mayor of Coppell, Texas who murdered her daughter and herself.

This is a deeply disturbing story of despair and isolation. Be sure to read all the comments. You will discover quite a bit of prejudice against those suffering from depression.

Apparently, this mother and daughter were church going folks. The mom was a public person. Let me tell you, that puts a lot of stress on a human being. The real shame here is that nobody inside the church family knew something had gone so badly wrong and offered to help.

This is not something to blame on a single congregation. I am sure it is probably most local church bodies. This may be way off base, but it looks like even the intervention of a single person who could hear and pray without condemning might have helped a lot.

You read it and see for yourself.

Coppell mayor wrote she and her daughter ‘were lost, alone, and afraid’ | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Latest News.

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