Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex » They Finally Won: Background on Ken Howell’s Firing

There is an important story concerning academic freedom developing at the University of Illinois. I am on Professor Howell’s side. It would be too much to expect the State of Illinois to correct this outright crime against free thought without bringing the University to its knees. I agree with the AAUP much of this time, but not this time.

The faculty action to abolish a program on authentic Catholic thought is an insult to the students who are deprived of the opportunity to interact with a school of thought embraced throughout the world. It’s simply amazing.

It is noteworthy that, long ago when the campus facility for Catholic young people began the “for credit” course, other denominations provided similar educational opportunities. I think there is a place for the “authentic” doctrinal positions of major religions to be presented by professors who actually subscribe to and understand the course material.

Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex » They Finally Won: Background on Ken Howell’s Firing.