Boozman Takes Credit for Funding He Voted Against

From the Lincoln campaign.

Congressman John Boozman sent a representative to take credit for a critical $5 million grant and loan for the Washington County Rural Development Authority today even though Boozman voted against it in Congress.  His action warrants a “Hypocrisy Alert” from the Lincoln campaign.

Congressman Boozman voted against the FY2010 Agriculture Appropriations Act and the Economic Recovery Act, legislation which made this project a reality.  The water authority will use the funds to provide as many as 400 households in rural Northwest Arkansas with a supply of safe drinking water.

Senator Lincoln took the tough votes and fought to ensure Arkansas would receive its fair share of federal funds.  As Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman, she fought for these USDA dollars on behalf of the water authority. She knows that without a safe water supply and sound infrastructure, it is impossible for rural communities to attract new industries and prosper.

Senator Lincoln will always stand up for Arkansas’s rural communities.

Congressman Boozman will have to explain why he voted against needed funds for rural Arkansans and then took credit for the project.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Project to provide fresh water to rural region

NW Arkansas area now getting supply from springs, wells

Potable water is coming to the remote southeast corner of Washington County.
Installation of a $9 million system that will serve as many as 400 households will begin next year. Sponsored by the Washington County Rural Development Authority, the Southeast Water Project is being funded by the U.S Department of Agriculture, the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission, and the Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009.
Once complete, the entire county, with the exception of a few isolated pockets, will be served by running water.

Full story:


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