Boozman is one scary dude

From the Lincoln campaign.

In Debate Today, Boozman Says He’s “Excited” To Impose A 23% Sales Tax On Nearly Everything Arkansans Buy, Eliminate Corporate Taxes

Boozman Also Enthusiastic To Privatize Social Security, Will Put Partisan Politics Above Arkansans

Today’s Senate debate in Little Rock reaffirmed the choice Arkansans face this fall and the choice could not be any starker.

If elected, five-term Congressman John Boozman would

  • Privatize Social Security and gamble the life savings of Arkansans away on Wall Street.  There are currently over 620,000 Arkansans whose Social Security could be at risk if Congressman Boozman had his way.
  • Impose a 23% sales tax on nearly everything Arkansans buy.  In fact, in today’s debate Congressman Boozman said he was “excited” about the idea of imposing a so-called fair tax on Arkansans that would eliminate all corporate income taxes, even for those companies which ship Arkansas jobs out of state or overseas.
  • Continue to support out of control spending.  While Congressman Boozman may demagogue on controlling spending when it’s convenient, the truth is he supported and will continue to support the Bush economic policies which got us into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, turned record surpluses into record deficits, and drove up the national debt.
  • Put partisan politics above the people of Arkansas.

“The choice for Arkansans couldn’t be any clearer.  On one side is five-term Congressman John Boozman, who wants to privatize Social Security, impose a 23% sales tax on nearly everything Arkansans buy, and consistently puts partisan politics above the people of Arkansas,” said DSCC National Press Secretary Deirdre Murphy.  “On the other side is Blanche Lincoln, a champion for Arkansas farmers, who has a long record of exercising independent judgment and standing up to party bosses on both sides of the aisle.”

Boozman Voted for Bush Deficit-Busting Budget Resolutions. From 2002 until 2006, Boozman rubber-stamped the Bush and Republican budgets that grew the deficits and national debt. [HCR376, Vote 158, 5/18/06;  HCR 95, Vote 149, 4/28/05, Vote 88, 3/17/05; S.Con.Res. 95, Vote #198, 5/19/04; H.Con.Res 393, Vote #92, 3/25/04; H Con Res 95, Vote #141, 4/11/03; H Con Res 95, Vote #82, 3/21/03;  HCR 353, Vote 79, 3/20/02; Vote 79, 3/20/02]

President Bush Increased the Debt by 89 Percent to $10.6 Trillion 2001-2010. Bush presided over the largest explosion of debt in our nation’s history.  In 2001, the total national debt was $5.7 trillion.   Under the Bush leadership, the federal debt has increased 54 percent, from approximately $5.6 trillion at the end of 2000 to an estimated $10.6 trillion at the end of 2009.  [U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Public Debt]

Boozman and Bush Turned Projected Surpluses of $3.5 Trillion Into Deficits of $2 Trillion. For fiscal years 2001 through 2008, the last full fiscal year before President Bush left office, the $3.5 trillion of surpluses that CBO had projected for these years turned into deficits of $2 trillion. [CBPP, February 2010]

Boozman: Putting Social Security In The Stock Market Is Going To Be Only Option In A “Few Years.” In September 2004, Boozman advocated putting Social Security benefits into the stock market and stated it would be the only remaining option in a “few years.” He said, “No one is advocating an Enron-style system, but we surely can come up with a safe system that can at least return the money invested in it. In a few years, the current system won’t even be able to do that.” [Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 9/21/04]

Boozman: The “Future” Of Social Security Is Private Accounts. In September 2001, Boozman called private accounts the future of Social Security. He said, “The future of Social Security is dependent on creating a vehicle for private investment. An accountant will tell you that saving Social Security is as simple as lowering the benefits or raising taxes. Neither of these will meet the future needs of Americans working today. I believe we must implement President Bush’s proposal to provide younger workers with the opportunity to invest part of their Social Security taxes in personal retirement accounts.” [Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 9/2/01]

Boozman Supports Extremist “Fair Tax” That Would Enact a 23 Percent National Sales Tax. In 2010, Boozman was listed a co-sponsor of HR 25, the Fair Tax Act. According to the National Taxpayers Union, which supports the Fair Tax, HR 25 would enact a 23% national sales tax, which could be adjusted in future years to account for fiscal changes. The bill would abolish federal income and payroll taxes entirely. [Thomas Bill Summary, 111th Congress, HR 25 accessed: 1/26/10]

Boozman Previously Sponsored Fair Tax Act. In the 110th Congress, Boozman sponsored HR 25. [Thomas Bill Summary, 110TH Congress, HR25, accessed 1/26/10]

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