Focus on Rep. Tim Griffin’s desperate fundraising letter: Lynched June 1

Today marks the beginning of my 12 minute promise (I only missed by a minute-and-a-half). There are a number of Arkansas headline stories, which include a quick look at the Russellville yearbook scandal. I put a tight focus on Rep. Tim Griffin’s preposterous and desperate fundraising letter. It is the full Lyncho treatment. Listen!


More on the auto industry payback. Will the government teach us how to pray? Reader challenges elephant column: Lynched! May 31

It is always a delight to start a week with a critical letter to the editor in the Democrat-Gazette. You can find that and my column from yesterday at Of course I comment on it and include a few headlines. There is more on the Chrysler payback with VP Joe Biden and I have a little tape of him. The Veterans Cemetery in Houston, Texas was trying to rewrite a minister’s prayer to be more “inclusive.” You can fairly well guess where I am on that, but listen here anyway!

Draft Lyncho!

With the Little Rock blogosphere in complete turmoil (first Tunisia, now this!), some have suggested that I, Pat Lynch, should grab the cape and blue tights for one more flight over Arkansas. I note that Blue Hog is down and so is Tolbert. Meanwhile, the Arkansas Project is warming up the filaments and getting ready for “sign on.” It is tempting but I will probably stick with Twitter, Facebook, and this little site.

To tell the truth, I am fairly busy with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette column and my duties at the Anglican School of Ministry. What’s more, the Lynched podcast (link to your right) is still in the developmental stage. What I really need is a THIRD part-time job. Maybe I should run for President.