Crawford crybabies on previous bankruptcy, Womack exploits higher gas prices, Ross tries his hand at energy policy with some success, more on bin Laden raid: Lynched! May 10, 2011

Today’s Democrat-Gazette has a great story concerning Republican Rick Crawford’s harsh reaction to questions about how he discharged debts from a previous bankruptcy. Crawford is calling for an FBI investigation. I have a reaction you don’t want to miss. Meanwhile, Rep. Steve Womack pretends to care about gas prices and Rep. Mike Ross has a somewhat reasonable suggestion on energy policy. Ross is very far from perfect but he is, at least, trying to distinguish himself from his Republican counterparts. Congressional Republicans are playing hardball on the debt ceiling and there is plenty to be said against this selfishness. There are still more details surfacing on the (failed) raid that (supposedly) killed Osama bin Laden. If you can’t tell. I am having quite a bit of fun mocking my GOP buddies on their refusal to give credit where due. You can hear all the shows on and subscribe free at the iTunes podcast directory. Catch today’s program here.