UPDATED TWICE: Lyncho confronted by LR City Manager Bruce Moore

OK, the headline is a bit inflammatory (not to mention completely deceptive). In fact, while I was having lunch at the Town Pump, Mr. Moore stopped by for a friendly chat and to note my final shot at city hall in my final column in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. It was entirely a pleasure to visit with such an outstanding public servant.

LR City Manager Bruce Moore and Pat Lynch

It happened at the Town Pump (a shadowy hang out for fans of Pat) and the conversation mostly concerned the recent poll that supposedly shows a majority of local voters supporting the proposed sales tax. Yes, that is the same tax that would raise half-a-billion dollars over ten years. I made clear to Bruce that, if this poll is indeed a correct reflection of public sentiment (which I sincerely doubt) then the voters of Little Rock are even dumber and more sheepish than I had imagined.

Moore is very proud of the endorsements already obtained from Arkansas Business and Arkansas Times. He also apparently expects the Democrat-Gazette to produce an endorsement in the Sunday (Sept. 4) edition. I told him that I am sure the Chamber of Commerce can hold a pistol to the head of any local publication. (Of course, I am speaking figuratively. Got it?) I understand the possible repercussions of not playing along with the power elites.

Bruce compared the LR form of government (which I deplore) to Austin and San Antonio, which he claims are similar. He suggested that each has a manager and mayor. He also answered one of my objections by stating that Austin has ALL at-large board members. I an unconvinced. It also continues to be my view that paying BOTH the city manager and “STRONG” mayor $160,000 annually is wasteful and beyond the ability of a city of this size.

The city manager has had to make deep cuts over the past decade. I think I understand Bruce’s position and I concur that the city needs capital improvements and could use some operating funds. I continue to oppose the form of corporate welfare that would flow to Chamber influenced groups through the so-called “industrial park.” My opinion is that accountability seems to be lacking.

Anyway, I guess I am just a plain old fashioned jerk and I should probably learn how to get along with my betters. Maybe some day I will learn. In the meantime, I will be voting “no” twice on the one-half-billion dollar tax increase for Little Rock.

UPDATE: LR city rights attorney and State Rep. John Walker is distributing a letter opposing the proposed sales tax. Max and the gang at Arkansas Times file the report.

FURTHER UPDATE: Despite my strong instincts to the contrary, the Sunday Democrat-Gazette editorialized against the entire sales tax package. That is good news by any measure. Additionally, Max at Arkansas Times reports on the added opposition by Circuit Court Judge Wendell Griffen. Wendell upholds his reputation for being a generally responsible leader. REMEMBER, early voting is underway. Voter suppression tactics give us only one location for early voting, at the County Building, 501 W.  Markham.


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I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

One Response to UPDATED TWICE: Lyncho confronted by LR City Manager Bruce Moore

  1. MysteryShopper says:

    Those endorsements from the power brokers are understandable, because the revenue streams from which they derive their incomes ARE EXEMPT FROM THE CURRENT SALES TAX AS WELL AS ANY INCREASE IN IT ! Newspaper, radio, TV, transit, and biilboard advertising is a tax-exempt service. So are securities transactions, real estate, barbers & beauty salons, legal services, etc. etc. etc. They are not paying now, and won’t be paying at the increased rate, but all of the businesses that are paying a bunch now (bars, restaurants, most retailers) will be tapped even more while those who have been getting a free ride will continue to do so.

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