Now, on to the important stuff: Rachel wins Big Brother

At last there is some justice in this frightening and oppressive world. Rachel deserved to win the $500,000, but it was a close call. Most of the time, right thinking gets tossed aside in favor or convenience and self-interest.

Let’s rewind a bit. Whose bright idea was it to evict Jordan? Now stay with me. She already won the half-million not so long ago, so it is unlikely a BB jury would award her the big prize. Jordan is definitely a “looker,” and plays a fine social game. It is still a fact that Jeff and the veterans alliance carried her along and the attractive blond does not win very many competitions. Isn’t Jordan the one you want to be sitting next to when Julie starts the final interrogation?

Rachel should send Jordan a fat check for helping her create the entirely new and more likable best girlfriend of Brendon. Before Brendon was dispatched for the second time, Rachel always seemed to be the perfect candidate for a cozy cell at the State Hospital. I do not intend to make light of mental illness, but Rachel often appeared to need heavy sedation or a good spanking. That girl was totally off her main control frequency. The abrupt change to a pleasant agreeable competitor made on wonder if the “real” Rachel had been kidnapped.

So it was surprising to see Jordan sent out the front door with her stuff. Who would have ever expected Adam to win the final Head of Household competition? Nobody, and he did not disappoint. Adam was consistent with his previous form and Porsche took her seat next to Rachel in the final face-off. This left Rachel with what looked like a delicate situation. Get rid of Porsche at your own risk. Rachel and Porsche had a “deal,” so breaking it in the final moments would place a very angry young lady in the final slot on the BB jury. If you are new to Big Brother, you may not realize that “deals” are sacrosanct. Adan looked like the better choice.

Isn’t he the guy who reverences the BB game and the venerable elder players with whom he was briefly allowed to dwell inside the hallowed halls? So Adam casts his vote for the newbie Portia. That was revolting development and he was joined by the other first-time players – with one key exception. It was something of a surprise to see Mama Shelly cast a ballot on the side of sanity – a decision which has permanently disqualified her for seeking any position of public trust.

Yes, Danielle did show her true colors, and in happier times would have been tied to a wooden pole and set on fire. Her dad Evil Dick is no poster child for clean living either. Kalia hinted some respect for Rachel’s game but voted with the kids. Shelly cast a $500,000.00 vote and Rachel better put her on her “thank you” list.

Jeff won the viewer popularity prize of $25,000.00. If the voting had taken place on the finale evening, Adam might have won that.

Since I have already sacrificed all credibility on the altar of voyeuristic self-indulgence, here is a kind word for Julie Chin. Yeah, she is reported to be married to the president of CBS. I like her anyway. She has been with the show from the beginning and I am nothing but a sentimental fool.

OK, scratch “sentimental.” I feel very much abased right now.


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