City board approves McDonald’s at University/Markham | Arkansas Blog

City board approves McDonald’s at University/Markham | Arkansas Blog.

Thanks to Max over at Arkansas Times for the report. Yes, Little Rock has officially lost its mind. We are certifiably nuts. This fine town keeps making the same mistakes over and over, with the same terrible results, and nobody gives a by-gosh rip.

Well, Max’s story shows that some of us DO give a rip, but so what? This is why many old-school soreheads like me are so terribly put out by the insulation of city officials. This is not some super-squishy, leftist, radical environmentalist, urban revivalist scream of passion. If permission for a new McDonald’s at Markham and University is  approached as a simple business consideration, it is a mistake. The nearby businesses suffer by the traffic nightmare that is bound to ensue.

Anybody but a bunch of hard-core elitists would know that the rest of us do everything possible to stay out of this area. It is better since the widening of University. What did that cost? Who paid for that? Flush that money right down the Central Arkansas Water sewer system. This is nuts.

And I must, at the risk of displaying my own ignorance (which is always lurking right below the surface), ask what the HELL is a “state of the art” McDonald’s? I love their burgers and fries but, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND RIGHT, it’s a stinkin” hamburger joint. Drive thru trade will be a living hell and if I can figure that out, how is it that a “strong” mayor and a professional city manager – each of whom makes $160,000.00 a year – can’t figure this out. Could it be that the “strong” mayor is really a sock puppet for the powerful.

This is why so many of us (a substantial minority) said “no” to the one-half billion dollar tax increase. This is what “no accountability” looks like. Get ready for more of the same, powered by $30 million a year in new revenue. The inmates have taken over the asylum.


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