Mitt Romney’s real problem send this along. Forget Salt Lake City, Romney’s real trouble may be with the tax man.

Show Us The Tax Returns!
Mitt Romney does not care for President Obama’s so-called Buffett Rule — the idea that millionaires like Mitt Romney shouldn’t be able to use loopholes to pay a lower tax rates than many middle class Americans.

ThinkProgress’ Pat Garofalo explains why Romney’s strong opposition to the Buffett Rule presents a few problems:

Part of Romney’s problem in opposing the Buffett rule is that it likely applies to him. An analysis of publicly available data by Citizens for Tax Justice found that Romney’s tax rate is likely 14 percent, far below the statutory rate for someone who earns as much as he does.

You would think if Mitt Romney was not in fact paying a lower tax rate than many middle class Americans, he’d be eager to release his tax returns to prove otherwise. Not quite:

The financial disclosure forms Romney filed during his 2008 presidential run showed the former Massachusetts governor was worth as much $250 million at the time. But Romney has never released any tax returns — neither during his campaigns for president and Senate nor during his time as governor — and would not commit to doing so this time around.



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