Who is Nancy Todd and why does she hate Arkansas?

Let me tell you this. In the future, when I approach the mailbox, it will be done with much more caution. People, I am scared to death. Terrified. Mortified. Objectified. Every kind of “-fied” you could possibly imagine. This is serious business, so let me come right to the point.

Who is the witch Nancy Todd and who does she think she is anyway?

Bring casino gambling to Arkansas? No sir! Not on Charlie Cella’s gold fillings! The people of Arkansas are a kindly and moral people and we don’t take to gambling. We certainly do not like “unregulated” casinos, but “Las Vegas insider Nancy Todd” is moving to peaceful God-fearing Arkansas armed with her evil pomps and Satanic schemes.

I learned all this in the mail, mind you.

Nancy Todd plans to move in just like this is a free country and anybody can cross state lines and take up residence wherever they darned well please. She will prey on weak minded Arkies, steal our hard earned money, and funnel it directly to some Mafia Don. IT WAS ALWAYS YOU, FREDO!

I learned all this in the mail today. Nancy Todd must be stopped!

It might have helped if they had included some sort of picture of Ms. Todd so we would know, but I guess you can’t put everything on even an over-sized, full color, slick political mailer. That picture of the Arkansas baby is very nice, however. That is an Arkansas baby, isn’t it? This could not possibly be a full-color, over-sized, slick mailer designed and produced by an out-of-state ad agency!


Anyway, Nancy Todd has her minions out circulating petitions. There is a phone number you are supposed to call if you encounter one of these purveyors of Armageddon doom. Presumably, you will be connected directly with the Department of Homeland Security.

Forget Wall Street, J. P. Morgan, the Greek collapse, socialists in France, and Barack Husein Obama. This, dear friends, is the end of life as we know it (unless, of course, you count Tunica of the “games of skill” at Oaklawn or the dog track).

Don’t go out tonight!! They’re bound to take your life! There’s a bad moon on the rise!


About patlynch
I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

11 Responses to Who is Nancy Todd and why does she hate Arkansas?

  1. 3sonsblessed says:

    I thought the sun stopped, and globe hesitated on it’s axis when Oaklawn and the dawg track started gambling. But thec sun rose again , albeit with a few more broke Arkies as time marched on. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for these ne’er-do -wells. Well, gotta go . Me and the missus are headed to the Kroger to buy our lotto tikets this week to pay for junior’s edumacation at the Vo-tech. Woopigsoooie!!!!!

  2. patlynch says:

    Damn Kroger! Another bunch of godless Yanks.

  3. Get ready for more Arkansas Welfare recipients. Gonna need more jails. Cause when Nancy and her Vegas basses get thru down here we’re gonna be screwed and they are going to be rich!

  4. patlynch says:

    Joe, don’t you suppose that horse has been out of the barn for about 10 years now?

  5. Bryan says:

    We let this happen and the next thing you know she’ll be opening liquor stoes in Faulkner County. Evil, evil woman…

  6. patlynch says:

    It staggers the mind. I had not even considered the possibility of Faulkner County allowing liquor stores. While that is rather far-fetched, we must be on our guard.

  7. Rick Garner says:

    Actually, I sort of figured that Harrah’s was the main sponsor for this mailing. Get the “good home folks” all riled up and make sure that there’s no competition for them built in Arkansas!
    I was browsing trying to determine exactly WHO Nancy Todd was, and this posting is the closest that I’ve come to any info.

  8. Devil in Disguise says:

    I don’t know much about Nancy Todd. However, I do know a lot about people. Especially the “spending class.” Ironically, there is a lot of opposition to casino gambling. But suspect most of this opposition has purchased their fair share of those lottery tickets….which in my own personal opinion is worse than Al Capone’s illegal business practices. Ever notice how our ever so trustwthry lottery commission removes its scratch-off games from the market WITHOUT distributing all the prizes? That appears to be a scam to me. But anyway, back to gambling and casinos. In my 30+ years of dealing directly with the public I have learned one thing. Gambling, whether casinos or lottry (especially lotteries) are primarily supported by the poor class. They spend all their money every week. The sad thing is: if it’s not on gambling it’s on something else equally as bad…alcohol or drugs, etc. Unfortunately this will never change. Personally, I wish we did not have any type of gambling in this state at all. But, obviously, too late for that. So, what does one do? There is a legitimate argument in the fact that these lower class folks are simply carrying their money across state lines to gamble. Those states love that. When they break the folks and bankrupt them, they can enjoy the fact that the folks have to go home to their state and not be bothered there. Oh well…In a nutshell, I wish ALL GAMBLING was illegal in Arkansas. But since it is not, I must say I can’t really find a good solid reason to oppose other than for my personal beliefs and satisfactiion and I think that border on selfishness. So, if it happens…Oh well.

  9. Shelbert Buttrum says:

    Yes, I would like to leave a reply. This “Stop Casinos Now” group is funded “in part” by a dog track owner (a gambler). Don’t be fooled by these people. We need employment in our state. If they bring employment than so be it. A casino brings jobs that can’t be moved to MEXICO or CHINA. Big Business has moved out of Arkansas, look at Mt. Pine (a ghost town). The governor is talking to Communist China (oh please help poor Arkansas). Which would rather do business with Americans or Communist? Which would you give your money too? Which would like to work for? Also, a casino doesn’t need to have alcohol, it can be free of it. Look at Barona casino in San Diego. If you need alcohol go to Wal-Mart they sell it. WE NEED JOBS!!! Ask the question, “Can a casino move to Mexico or China?”. Where will you be in 18 years, when your two years away from retirement and the company you work for says they’re moving to Mexico, and you don’t get your retirement money. Think about it. Where will all them churches and Chief of Police be?

  10. amanda says:

    I think casino’s are a good idea. If people are too stupid to get themselves in a bad situation because they cannot make themselves stay out of casinos than that is their fault. Nancy is helping Arkansas by bringing revenue and keeping it into the state. How many Arkansans go to Tunica or other places to gamble. A whole damn lot of them. It is not Nancy’s fault for bringing this to Arkansas and she is not a witch.

  11. The last thing Arkansas needs are more gambling venues. And the concept that any job is automatically a good job is a very bad one. The Lottery just as predicted has not improved our kids access to college and it has become a money making boondoggle for a few out of staters at the very top. It has increased the numbers of people with gambling addiction and gambling always preys on those who are the least able to afford it. Any decent society would bar the door against any further gambling establishments.

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