Justice Scalia must be saved!

There is a link below for a column in the Washington Post suggesting that Justice Antonin Scalia should resign from the United States Supreme Court. He’s wrong. Before approaching the Scalia question, however, there is something of a larger scope that demands attention.

The notion of free speech does enjoy a certain priority in the First Amendment and the minds of many Americans. We need, and benefit from, good speech, bad speech, lies, and even unpleasant expression. If free speech counts for nothing on the Supreme Court, then why do we bother with the pretense of a Bill of Rights?

As to Justice Scalia. His bench statement on the Obama Administration’s new immigration policy has drawn a lot of attention. Some conservatives have raised a fairly coherent argument in favor of Scalia’s cranky outburst. My opinion is that his remarks were ill-advised and imprudent, but that is hardly reason to toss a man from a job he is supposed to have for life.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a dual-core, full flaming, first string, level-four, 33rd Degree, hand polished jerk. Most of his decisions are wrong and, for this black-robed wonder of the incredible world of the never was, the notion of “judicial  temperament” is not merely words, but a cruel haunting joke. This is part of his charm, and value for reasonable people. Scalia is so unguarded as he becomes even more comfortable in the high back leather chairs that he is a perfect barometer and guide to the true intentions of the corporate powers he serves so faithfully.

William O. Douglas, liberal justice of an earlier generation, served into ancient days. His decrepit condition became a humiliation both to himself and the institution. It is, nonetheless, Justice Douglas’ absolute right to hang on until a President more to his liking would come along to appoint a more suitable replacement. This is a question of geese and ganders.

What other nation on earth would tolerate such a reckless person in a position of power? (OK. There is Russia, Iran, Egypt, Syria, China – do i need to go on?) Scalia is a crabby old man, and let me tell you that America will be a sorry damn place when we start throwing people away for no other reason than having a sour disposition.

Now, here is the link to a foolish and ill-conceived column in one of America’s formerly great newspapers.

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Justice Scalia should resign – The Washington Post.


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I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

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