Beebe: Legislative Super-Majority Must Decide on Medicaid Expansion –

Arkansas Business files the report.

LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe said Wednesday he’s still inclined to go forward with an expansion of Medicaid under the federal health care law, but that the decision will ultimately come down to a super-majority vote in the Legislature next year.

Beebe told reporters he was encouraged by estimates released Tuesday by the Department of Human Services that said expanding Medicaid eligibility would result in a $372 million net savings for the state over the next several years. The department’s estimate factored in savings that the state would see in benefits from the federal health care law.

You can read it all here.

Beebe: Legislative Super-Majority Must Decide on Medicaid Expansion –

What a great comfort it is to know that the sensible decision, that will assist the most vulnerable people and save all of us almost $400 million, will be in the hands of probably the most partisan  and ill-prepared lawmakers in state history.

OK, I take it back. Arkansas still has something of a true citizen legislature so we have had plenty of colorful characters over the many years. You know the old favorites. Nap Murphy of Hamburg used to dress up in overalls but he really tried. The old guys cared about Arkansas and the incoming legislators care about partisan purity, personal advancement, and catering to the powerful.

There is not much reason to be optimistic about the freshman class that will arrive in January. In order for the obvious correct policy to be adopted, a “super majority” will be necessary. Thank goodness the people won’t have a say!

Appropriations (unbelievably!) require three-fourth of lawmakers to agree. In the insular world of modern politics, ordinary folks are getting a lot of experience dealing with the tyranny of the majority. Once one side has the edge, 51%, everybody else can roast in the blazing fires of Gahenna.

But you are saying, “so what? I am not poor. I am certainly on Medicare and THOSE PEOPLE should have planned better.” Yeah. Right.

The sole consolation in this deplorable situation is that people pretty much get the government they deserve.


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