Pat Lynch predicts Romney win: it’s “big Mo!”

I don’t normally venture into the real of partisan politics. What’s in it for me anyway? The net return on decades of public opinions is just about zero. Tell people what you really think, even try to tell the truth, and you get put on trial like some kind of stinkin’ criminal. (I could be tempted to begin giving opinions and overseeing public policy, but that is in God’s hands. It looks like I will be watching the election returns at home this year.) The following thoughts are offered as pure analysis. I will vote in November and I think I know who will get my Presidential nod. My vote, and yours, for local officials will be much more important. Chose carefully.

Mitt Romney has taken the moderate course. It is the smart move. Romney has even walked back his position on abortion, which those of us who watch such things professionally always knew was insincere. Evangelical Christians are the African-Americans of the Republican party, but black folks sometimes show a little more political sophistication. So you might be wondering how Romney pulled out ahead and why I think this assures him victory,.

Partisan politics is all about timing. Obama seems to have peaked too soon. I might  be mistaken on this, but that seems doubtful. Romney exceeded expectations in the “debate” and began to be taken seriously. He is being heard and gaining support. Obama is old news and has this rather matter-of-fact style that may be mistaken for indifference.

Anyway, as of October 10, Romney is rising and the President is stuck. Obama will turn things around, but it will almost certainly be too late. On the Wednesday after the General Election, some network pundit will lift his right eyebrow and announce that, “if the campaign had lasted another day or two, Obama might have won.” Yes, and if wishes was fishes …

Before takeoff, let me buy some flight insurance. These are among the worst candidates to ever seek the presidency and either one of them could blow it at any moment. Therefore, I reserve the right to revise and amend my remarks for the official record.


About patlynch
I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

One Response to Pat Lynch predicts Romney win: it’s “big Mo!”

  1. Lynch says:

    Mr. LYNCH,
    I have read and enjoyed several of your posts.
    At first I wanted to respond that share the same name but clearly not the same political convictions. However you actually seem to share many of my strongest passions.
    I hope to visit with you sometime.
    The Honorable Governor Romney doesn’t have a snow balls chance of winning.
    Based on how close I thought the 04to election was, and proved to be nowhere near a close Election.
    Safe and Happy trail
    Till we meet again.

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