A few good yucks from the Tea Party

This is just too entertaining. It would be funny, except that a number of congressmen drink regularly from this poisonous cup. Check out the Obama graphic! Frightening. Looks like an Amtrak logo behind him. Remember Amtrak, they will be hauling off the conservatives to labor camps in North Dakota. The line about killing Christian missionaries is fairly effective. After all, Obama has not murdered anybody but facts should never get in the way of a political objective. With a bit of practice their creative writing skills could be tremendously increased. Anyway, have a good laugh before the weekend.

Obama's War on Conservatives is in Full Battle Mode  We MUST Stop Obama's Freedom Massacre...Can We Count on You to Stand with Us?

Obey me Obama and his minion media have ruthlessly attacked and smeared the Tea Party, conservatives and talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Mike Savage, Glenn Beck and other voices of freedom and truth.

Obama will stop at nothing to attack the Constitution, the Tea Party and anything or anyone that stands in his way–just like a vicious African warlord would attack Christian missionaries.

donate now - stop obama's freedom MassacreThere is no excuse or explanation for such a barbaric and savage hate speech being leveled against gun owners and red-blooded Americans. We, the innocent, are being treated like pariahs…law breakers.

“The efforts of tens of millions of Tea Partiers have inflicted a serious blow to the Washington bureaucracy and have helped to cripple the activities of global communists, slowing their American coup d’état.” — Steve Eichler C.E.O. TeaParty.org

Rest assured the TeaParty.Org is responding! We are fortifying our efforts and standing strong against these attacks…but we can’t do it alone.

donate now - stop Obama's Freedom Massacre

Our websites are under attack like never before. Freedom of speech and all we hold dear continues to be violated by the government Pharisees and Obamites. We are fighting with every ounce of firepower we have but…

We need your help more now than ever before.

Help us take a stand today as we protect our liberty and our Constitution and defend our fellow conservatives. Never before have the people of America been attacked with such hatred and contempt by their own government–a government bent on suppressing its citizens and instilling its socialist agenda.

It is nothing short of SHOCKING to turn on the news every day and hear of more new attempts to suppress Americans…to take away our Constitutional rights and freedoms…oppress us so much we have nowhere to turn but to dependency on the government.

Yes, people, this is all part of Obama’s vile master plan. He MUST be stopped NOW.

We URGENTLY need your help NOW. By April 1 our government could break the backs and extinguish the hopes of the American people and install the Global Communist agenda.

This is a plea for help!

The TeaParty.org must build our ranks and war chest and energize the recruitment of new members. Help us now, tomorrow will be too late.

donate now - stop Obama's Freedom Massacre


About patlynch
I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

2 Responses to A few good yucks from the Tea Party

  1. eugene levy says:

    I guess the bankers and corporate execs are just frightened to death of the rising stock market (double that of the Bush administration’s eco disaster) and dwindling unemployment numbers as socialism just keeps rollling along in America. OH, and give my regards to the Pharisees–they were the origins of Christianity!

  2. patlynch says:

    Gene, the Pharisees were just misunderstood. Peace to you, my friend!

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