The media revolving door swings shut on Behar, Hasselbeck and Curry

Real men can watch “The View.” Being the consummate real man, I can watch whatever I want and cuddle a teddy bear while I do it. There is nothing wrong with “The View,” and I occasionally do enjoy a few minutes with it, usually in the company of my wife, the Lovely Marie.

All of the recent media hubbub over Barbara Walters’ little midday coven has me very intrigued. I typically agree with Joy, and I still think she is a redheaded pile of ignorance. This is how an algebra teacher feels when he sees the right answer on the bottom line and each step in the process is an incoherent mess. Joy has fabulous laugh lines and I know her standup routine must be a complete scream.

Then there is Elizabeth. I will say this much about Ms. Hasselbeck, she reads the daily conservative talking point fax with complete accuracy and passion. If only I could read Carl Roves darkest fantasies with a straight face, but no tears over missed opportunities. The beautiful Elizabeth is said to be a whiz at design and many entrepreneurial ventures. I guess it must be pretty easy when the country’s richest and most powerful corporations and the top 1% are solidly on your side. Hasselbeck may be going to CNN and, to be perfectly honest, I am overjoyed. I hope they give her hurricane duty. Yes. I want to see Elizabeth Hasselbeck tied to a tree on the Mississippi Gulf coast while winds pick up to 90 mph. NOTE TO E. H.: be sure to keep that broom in the motel room closet.

Ann Curry is leaving NBC. I love the peacock and it is a darned shame that they seem unable to set aside an incomprehensible grudge and just let Ann go. Curry is far too serious for indifferent and uninformed audience. That NBC can not pull off the firing that should be a slam-dunk is a testimony to the corporation’s increasing irrelevancy. Anyway, Ann Curry may be going to the new American version of Al Jazeera. That’s just too cool and I sincerely wish her well. Curry has a touch for the international beat and she would be an asset. MEMO TO A.  J.: Ol’ Lyncho is still looking for work. I would be the perfect curmudgeon for your new network. And I promise to lose that ugly 10 pounds if you take a (very small and reasonable) chance on me!


About patlynch
I am a broadcaster in Arkansas, a former freelance writer and political columnist in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Writing Coach. Speaker. Director of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, and presently enrolled in the Anglican School of Ministry Master of Ministry program.

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