Concert promoter Burch Stone is back! Looking at stadium opportunities and NW Arkansas

He gores back to THE DAY, and Butch is ready for another round in the concert business. He is one of the most colorful guys in Arkansas. Just ask him about Jim Dandy. Butch brought the Eagles to War Memorial and that was an internationally recognized event! Here is the news I got today.

I am announcing my return to the Concert Promotion Business. I have entered into a joint venture with Live Nation Concerts, and will bring National Talent back to Little Rock’s First Security Amphitheater, and War Memorial Stadium.

This year we are concentrating on the Amphitheater, and will expand our efforts to include the Stadium in 2014.

Our first concert is Wiz Khalifa, Trinidad Jame$, Joey Bada$$, Berner, Chevy Woods, and Smoke DZA, and will be on July 27, 2013 at First Security Amphitheater.

Tickets go on sale on June 7, at all Ticketmaster Outlets.

I am also exploring opportunities in North West Arkansas for 2014.


Duck Soup: LR hotel to be sold and “rebranded”

As a guy who has been around the block more than once, being branded the first time is fairly unpleasant. Being “rebranded” is the pits. We might as well face the sad fact that this is going to happen and any “rebranding,” is a downward movement.

Yes, somebody will be doing plenty of work making the place appear a little less opulent. The amenities will be somewhat less attractive and convenient. I could be wrong, but you know that is unlikely. The Peabody will be sorely missed, but the economy catches up with all o fus eventually.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way out of the outrageous deal that has been grandfathered in to give the hotel operator exclusive rights to serve food in the Statehouse Convention Center. Where are all the patriots when it really counts? Why should not the kitchen facilities paid for by every Little Rock taxpayer be available to all local operators? Free market economics is only allowed when the most powerful have already eaten to the full and all we have left are crumbs.

Maybe the Peabody was too upscale for Little Rock. Lord knows, it must have been like a walk over the blazing coals to find sufficiently educated employes to serve an affluent clientele. What to do now?

I could humorously propose various methods of dispatching the famous ducks and, perhaps, using them in some superb Cajun dish, but you know how the animal rights people react – zero sense of humor. So, I will make no reference to a Farewell Peabody duck shoot-off. No modest proposal for a duck gumbo competition. Let them parade off to a limo and back to wherever ducks go in retirement. I wish I could join them.

Hot dog eating champs, and a few political hot dogs! Lynched! July 5, 2011

I discovered a great pizza joint, and you only need drive to Reed Creek Springs, Mo. to enjoy it! I have a review. There is also a report on the Nathan’s annual hot dog eating contest. Old names continue to dominate. There is a new name in the First Congressional District Democratic mix, Steve Rockwell. Steve Womack tears into Mark Pryor for questioning the Paul Ryan budget and the proposed changes in Medicare. I have a few words for Arkansas’ Republican Congressional triplets. The Yarnell story is very sad and has a very bad aftertaste. There is also a bit of assorted political news from around the country. Listen to Lyncho!