wplyncho.jpgI am Pat Lynch and welcome to my world. The complete biography is on another page here. It’s all true. Like Dizzy Dean once said, if you really done it, it ain’t braggin’.

I have been an “on air” fixture of Arkansas broadcasting since 1983 and I have been published in several newspapers and tabloids. Currently, I have a weekly column on the Voices page of Arkansas largest and best daily paper, the Democrat-Gazette.

My interests include local and state politics, and local affairs effecting government in Little Rock, North Little Rock and Pulaski County. As a former member of the ACLU National Board, I have an interest in free speech and religious liberty issues. Sometimes I will also comment on transportation, but my hardcore ravings about passenger trains are on the Trans for America Blog.

There will be occasional religious commentary here. I am an orthodox Anglican and I attend St. Andrews AMIA Church in Little Rock. In fact, I am a student of theology at the Anglican School of Ministry.

I appreciate your personal notes, and news tips.

Messages left in the top box go directly to me, the one below that is for public responses. Go ahead, make my day.

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  1. Pamela says:

    80-yr old Arkansas war vet gets life for marijuana charge
    I am writing to condemn the outrageous acts of the Crawford County, Arkansas, judicial system. My deceased father’s best friend, an 80-year old man, Clifford Joe Pullan of Alma, AR, was sentenced to 30 years then an additional 70 years in prison on marijuana charges.

    Link: http://swtimes.com/articles/2008/07/02/week_in_review/news/wednesday/news08.txt

    This is a NON-VIOLENT CRIME! In contrast, in the State of Arkansas, a Level 3 repeating sex offender would ONLY face a prison sentence ranging from three to 10 years.

    See: http://www.nwanews.com/bcdr/News/65997/ IS THIS FAIR?? !

    It is an outrage to sentence an 80-year old man with diabetes, with two mentally-challenged dependents still living at his home, a granddaughter that was born completely deaf, whom he would drive to Little Rock to the Children’s Hospital sometimes 3 times a week, and was trying to get her the Cochlear implants. ALSO, Clifford Joe Pullan is a 2-time war veteran. He served in the Korean War, and then he ENLISTED to go to Vietnam and served. Is this the way we treat a man who served his country 2 TIMES ??!!!!!!!!!!

    TO 100 YEARS IN PRISON!!! This is an ATROCITY. The laws in Arkansas are antiquated and unfair. The prisons are full enough, let’s save room for the RAPISTS AND CHILD MOLESTERS!! This was a LYNCHING !! Basically, this 80-year-old war veteran has gotten the Death Penalty for a marijuana charge, because he will certainly die in prison. He is ill, and should just be on house arrest with an ankle bracelet.

    SHAME on the State of Arkansas, Crawford County, Circuit Judge Gary R. Cottrell, and last but not least, Chief Deputy Prosecutor Robert Presley. A question to Circuit Judge Gary R. Cottrell, and Chief Deputy Prosecutor Robert Presley, was a psychiatric evaluation done on this 80-year-old man who suddenly started selling marijuana? It is quite possible that, in a person of this age with diabetes, that some dementia or other neuro-psychological problems or neuropathies exist to have manifested his actions. It is possible that after his best friend of 40+ years died (my beloved father), and then last year his grandson, Brandon Pullan, just in his 30’s, died suddenly of a brain aneurysm, and I believe that Joe Pullan may have just snapped. Joe was very close with his grandson Brandon. This man NEEDS TO BE EVALUATED (preferably by an out-of-state doctor).

    The extreme decisions of these officials in Crawford County, AR, need to be reviewed. This is a dire situation. There must be some humanitarian mercy considered for this man. Possibly President Bush could consider a pardon for this war veteran.

    FREE JOE !!!!!!!!!


  2. Bill says:

    You need to look at http://www.mindfreedom.org. My peers were protesting the Am Psychiatric Assn meeting in Philly this past Saturday. The meds are often tested on the vets before they move to market according to some. The research is highly questionable. And our stories fail to surface. The question of choice, authentic choice and to understand the issues that are realized in any behavior, before and while forced into an institutional experience is a nightmare. You might wish to get a recording of the Narcotics Farm, the Federal Facility that ceased to operate in the 70’s which created addictions. Maybe there can be an atonement for this atrocity at some point. We do have a phone tree you might wish to explore that has intervened into forced ect and medicating projects.

  3. Rick says:

    Joe Pullan is a scumbag. He was convicted of sexual indecency with a minor and given a suspended sentence. He had a long history of trading drugs for sex with underage girls. He was then convicted of selling pot. He was out of jail awaiting sentencing when he was arrested again with heavy drugs including heroin.

    Either you don’t know the facts or you are a liar. Supporting this scum in any way marks you as a low life piece of crap.

  4. candace says:

    Rick who posted on sept.9th at 11:28am. My dad wasnt a scumbag. Ur tha f****** scumbag. U pieace of **** u can post all tha lies u want bout my dad. Just know I no you and im pressin charges for ur post. U dont no shit you all can go to **** sincerely. Candace

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